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    Caesar Jenkyns Small Heath Captain

    Does anyone know whether there are living relatives of the great Welsh international with the unusual christian name or where his last resting place is? He passed on in 1941 in Birmingham
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    New gallery barwick st 1893

    I am trying to identify where this buisness was situated in Barwick St at the back of The Grand Hotel. Does anyone have access to a Kellys from this era? Or does anyone have any info on the New Gallery what it was used for for instance. I know Frederick Rinder held an important meeting in the...
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    Miller craddock aston villa 1948-1951

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I am tracing the sporting history of the above player. Very popular with the fans for his all out effort in every game he tragically had to give up the game with a serious heart condition when at the peak of his powers. Miller passed on in 1960 at the age of 33. You would...
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    J Coley Coal Merchant Handsworth in the 1920s

    Anyone know anything about this family who apparently were well known in the area
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    The Clansman New Street

    Anyone remember it! It had awful Worthington E on tap but the juke box was excellent. Deep Purple and bands of that ilk. I think it became Bogarts and had live bands but didnt last too long.
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    Alfred place balsall heath

    Help required with the above. Although I know it was somewhere by Balsall Heath Road and close to Herbert Place I cannot find any info when searching electoral rolls/trade directories etc. My grandad is shown in the 1901 census as living there with the Bach family and I would be grateful for any...
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    Great Colmore Street

    Does anyone know where Great Colmore Street was situated in the city centre.I assume it was nearby Colmore Row.Are there any pictures available?
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    SALTLEY STREET Birmingham

    Can anyone help me out with the location of this street. My grandad lived there in the late 1880s. I suspect It was in the Small Heath but I could be wrong, He got married at St Andrews Church Bordesley in 1890 which I understand was demolished some years ago but I cannot find a picture of the...
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    Kings Hall Market

    Where exactly was The Kings Hall Market in the lower end of Corporation Street. I remember my mother taking us there in the fifties
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    The Breedon Bar

    Anybody got pictures of The Breedon Bar which in the late eighties (when Bob Moore was in charge) was considered one of the top music bars in the UK
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    Suckling Family of Balsall Heath

    Longbridge Road Alfred, Verena(Wife) Annie,Muriel and May(daughters) any information would be welcome,
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    Longbridge Road Balsall Heath

    Does anyone living in this district remember The Sucklings who lived at 41 close to Sherbourne road. Alfred Suckling was my grandfather and he had a buisness from the thirties to the fifties manufacturing Ginger Beer. This was at 2 Longbridge Rd. Does anyone have pictures of Longbridge Rd...