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    Smiths Crisps Tyseley

    My mom worked there
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    Tangyes of Smethwick

    George was my 4th great uncle i have a paper clipping of him with sons if anyone wants this let me know, they were george mountford and sons
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    Barnett In Princes Row

    my grandad and great grandad was Frank Barnett
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    brick wall

    i have found a george tustin born 1766 in kings sutton to a richard and sarah
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    brick wall

    yes i saw that one but i was concerned at the dates someone did say they thought the handwriting on the death was mistranscibed and should be aged 64 not 44 has if you look at the other 6's on the page they are the same and he would have been born in 1787 which would make the marriage to ann...
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    nita and frank barnett

    I am looking for anyone who knows them, they had a daughter called leslie ann, it would be great if anyone knows them or their daughter
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    brick wall

    thank you all, can anyone see the parents of george who married susannah warr in 1806, he also married her sister ann warr in 1795 but ann warr died in 1803, i have searched for any parent or sibling and nothing for sure ever comes up? kerry
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    brick wall

    thanks bewdley but it is george who is married to susannah i am looking for, his parents or siblings
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    brick wall

    I have had this brick wall for years and still no near breaking it down, my great gg grandfather george tustin born 1827 butlers marston warwickshire his father is a mystery, i have found a george tustin born 1777 who married susannah warr, there is also another ann warr marrying a george...
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    Help Needed Please.....

    florence may tustin was my great aunt if it is the same one
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    does anyone know

    there is a Shirley Anne Carr on ancestry who lived in surrey
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    Pauline Ward, Chelmsley Wood & Acocks Green

    Hi all i am looking for anyone who is related to a pauline ward she lived in acocks green for a while and moved to chelmsley wood she married we think a man named Alan and had 4 boys, she passed away a few years ago we are told but i was hoping someone knows her family or children
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    fox hollies

    does anyone remember my dad john tustin, used to play dominoes in the 50's, 60's
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    berrington walk

    i am looking for anyone who lived here in the late 50's
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    Ernest Victor Tustin

    what was your grandmothers name?
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    the dolphin

    acocks green, anyone drink in here in the 50's, 60's? my dad was on the dart and dominoes team his name was john tustin
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    LOOKING for anyone who lived in severne road in the 50's

    i am looking for a pauline do not know her surname, she lived in severne road in the 50's if anyone knows anything please could you message me, this has been a long road and i don't have much information but would be great if someone could help
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    Pitmaston Road School, Hall Green

    does anyone remember my dad he went to pitmaston his name was john tustin i think it would have been the 40's ?
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    History Of Boaties!

    my husband is from the harrisons, holt, ward, humphries, etc
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    hamshall power station coleshill

    the mans name was tom moore