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    liverpool reformatory for girls

    I have found , on the 1911 census, a relative. She is an inmate in a reformatory in Liverpool ( how she got there from Brum, heaven only knows,) Are criminal records available on line, a bit like the workhouse records. I would like to find out how and why she got there, assuming its the right...
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    Battle of Fromelles

    I have just been reading about the archeological dig at the site of the battle of Fromelles, northern France, it took place in 1916. The remains of soldiers who died there have been excavated and are being interred into a military memorial ground, a few miles away. It's said that soldiers of...
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    1911 census

    I have tried the new census site, my search was a dismal failure. Of the name i entered, six came up as possibles, unfortunately they were not my family. Has anyone else had failure in searching for family members? I think my family must have thrown the census form out with the rubbish.:cry:
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    australian help wanted

    I would like to buy a copy of my nephews death certificate, he died this year in a suburb of Perth WA. Would one of our Oz. members post the address of the office i would have to apply to. Thank you Jackie
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    census look-up

    Could some kind person help with my search. I have located my Grandfather on the 1891 census, he was living at that time with his future wifes family in Aston. G/fathers name was John Baldwin born 1873, the census states he was born in staffordshire, i have their wedding certificate march 1892...
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    Baldwin Family

    Still trying to find any relatives of Ada and John Baldwin. They were living at 10 Cope St. ladywood in 1920s, according to the electoral rolls they lived there until the 40s. regards Williams
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    new memorial

    I have just been watching the News item about the new memorial to the dead of conflicts since ww2, The site is very impressive, set in the Staffordshire countryside. The report of the fact there is space for another 10,000 names is a very sad indictment of the way our world is going, in...
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    John Baldwin

    Please could some kind person do a look up for me. My Grandfather John Baldwin lived in Richards street at the time of my Mothers birth in 1894, i would like to know where they lived in 1901, my g/mother was Ada nee Spencer, my mothers name was May. I'm trying to find the names of some of...
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    cope street ladywood

    Hi, I have just found out my Grandparents lived in Cope street Rotton park Ladywood, in the 1930s. Does anyone have any photos or info about the area then. The house was number 10. Regards Jackie
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    Bull Ring 1930s - 1950s

    This thread has been created from numerous posts and images scattered throughout the markets threads about the history of the Bull Ring between 1930 and 1950. Am i right in thinking there used to be a man in the Bull ring about 1940s-50s who used to do a Houdini type of act with chains. I...
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    Heeley Family

    Are there any Heeley family of Wills st. Handsworth still around
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    Birds Custard Factory

    My sister Who still lives in Brum, heard something about Birds factory recently, on the radio, she did'nt hear all of the bulletin, and wonders if the building is being demolished. You guys are always up to date with the local news, i thought i would ask if anyone else heard the bulletin...
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    wiilliams family Handsworth and Aston

    :crazy2: Hi , surnames i'm researchingare Williams, Baldwin, Parkes ,Spencer & Brittain. The last address of my Father Charles Williams was In 1918,he married my mother May baldwin in December that year. He was living at Spring Gardens, Victoria rd. Handsworth, my Mothers address is given as...
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    aston goods station

    :crazy2: Hi, I,m fairly new to this lovely site, i,m a( away from home Brum) does anyone know anything about the Goods station in Aston ? My mum May williams, later Heavyside, worked there during WW2. I think she started work in 1941 and retired from there in1964. I used to meet her from work on...
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    Hi all, I,m researching the Baldwin Family.In the 1901 census they were living in 126 Long Acre Aston? G/father;Joseph G/mother;Ada nee Spencer May ;Dau.(my mum) 7 Lillian dau;5 Ada ;dau 2 William; son 9 mths If anyone has any connection to the Family i would love to hear from them