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    Childhood Memories

    My earliest memories of 70 years ago are of my Grandma Goode taking me to see the "dickie birds" in an aviary which was in the garden of a house on the corner of Manor House Lane and Sunnymead Rd ,South Yardley. She also used to sing a song ,of which I only can remember the first two lines.They...
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    Residents look up.

    hi, is there anyone who could help with the names of persons living at 128 Arthur Street, Small Heath ,Birmingham, and 28 Althorp Street Leamington between 1880 and 1890 ? Margaret.
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    Harvey family

    Emma Harvey nee Goode was my Grandmothers sister.I wonder if there are any relatives of hers who might be able to help with my family tree,regarding her two younger sisters. Emma was born in Leamington in 1882 and lived at 50 George Rd Hay Mills. w
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    Wilson Birth info

    can anyone help with birth details for Frederick Edward Wilson born 13th October 1917 ?Fathers name Thomas William,mothers maiden name believed to be Aplin/Applin. Margaret.
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    Cleaver Claudine

    Claudine Cleaver is listed on the 1901 Wales census aged 5 at her grandparents address.Can find no trace of her on 1911 census and there is no sign of a death listed so where did she go ? can anyone help,also parents names would be useful.
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    l believe my family had welsh gypsy ancestors.l have established that my great grandmother was indeed born in wales, and her sister was living in cheshire in the 1901 census, married to a thomas Ten.this may be a spelling mistake,but wondered if it could be a gipsy surname.
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    street in leamington

    my grandmother was born at 28 Althorp street ,Leamington in 1890.does anyone know if this street is still there ?
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    Flay Leslie Any info aboutb1914?

    I am trying to find any further info on Leslie Flay. I know he was born in Bham in 1914 and, according to family rumour, he drowned in a canal near Sparkbrook around 1927. I can't seem to find any record of his death. Would it have been reported in a local paper? (ps His name is spelt Lesley in...
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    mescall dennis

    information requested on Dennis John Patrick Mescall born 06/06/1966,died 23/03/2001 in birmingham.his eldest daughter lianne would like to know of any relatives,as he lost both his parents at an early age and she has never met any blood relations.
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    gilbertstone avenue south yardley

    does anyone remember me.i lived in gilbertstone avenue from about 1939 to 1958.my name was margaret wilson and i had two younger brothers michael and geoffrey,we lived at 93 between the vine family and the taylors,opposite the park.i would be grateful to see any photos of ve/vj street parties...
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    bowers ivor

    i would be interested to find out if james bowers whose wedding photo was in the solihull news could be related to ivor bowers who was married to my late aunt eva lorraine goode around 1938 ? not only do they have same surname but i think they look alike.