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    Trevor Street Nechells

    Hi Has anyone got photos of Trevor Street Nechells 1930.Thanks Irene
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    Help Needed Please Florence & John Williams

    Hi All.I was wondering if someone could help me please..Could someone tell me if Florence Williams(Harper maiden name ) Born 1887 Died 1935 age 48 was living at the same address has John Thomas Williams when Florence died? John was born 1892 Died 1965 age 73 in Coalville Leicestershire.But I...
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi I'm looking for Barry And Phillip Carter I know they moved to Wales.Father named Barry Carter mother Brenda Frye I hope someone can help me.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi I'm trying to find a birth and marriage of Michael Spillane born 1932 I think.We have found out he was born in Coolock Dublin.Also if he has any children.Thank's Irene x
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi Could anyone help me please trying to find out the grandparents of Peter J C Floyd born 1945 in Liskeard Cornwall mothers maiden name Floyd.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi I'm looking for the resting place of Susan Cadman Born 1950s She Lived For 6 Day's I Think But Not 100% On This.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi could someone help me please.I'm trying to find out where Susan Cadman is buried Born 1950 and fell asleep 1950 think she lived for 6 days not 100% on this thou.Thank's Irene
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    Rossiter Rossister Phyllis

    Could anyone help me please i'm trying to find out what part of Southern Ireland Phylis Rossister (not sure if spelt right) was born 9th December 1925 mothers name Ann Speak.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    I'm trying to find a obituary of a Timothy Roberts Tolley passed away 2nd June 2001 aged 44.I think it was in the Birmingham Mail.Thanks Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Could anyone help me.Im looking for a marriage of Joseph Guest born 1840 not sure if his wife is Margaret ??? I think they had a son Joseph George Guest born 1868 not sure of any other children.
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    Dolan Park Hospital

    Could anyone please tell me what kind of hospital Dolan Park was in 2001.It was in Shady Lane Birmingham 12.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi All.Hope someone can help me I'm looking for a Mary Allen born approx 1925 Dublin.Has she got any Brothers or Sisters?We know she has a son John Joseph Allen born 1943 I wonder if she had any more children.Thank's Irene
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    Hi Looking for any information on Michael Spillane born approx 1930 mothers maiden name Nixon Thank's Irene x
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    School Friend

    Looking for Patrica Lewis who went to Duddeston Manor in 1967
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    Help Needed Please

    Hi.Can anyone help me please im trying to find info out about my Grandmother's parents my grandmother was born in 1891 JENNIE (JANE) GUEST she passed away in 1943 age 52 Also if she had any sisters or brothers my father was only 14 when his mother passed away.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed Please

    Is there anyway i could find out where my uncle is buried/cremated we lost contact years ago so thats why im not sure if he was buried or cremated.Thanks Irene x
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    Help Wanted Please

    I Asked For Help Re:A Stillbirth We Now Have A Birth Certificate For Our Brother Baby Floyd Born 10th October 1954 Born At Queen Elizabeth Hospital.Could Someone Help Us Please Has We Would Like To Know If He Is Buried At Warstone Lane Where Our Sister Renee Is.Thank's For All Your Help.Irene
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    West street

    Hi does anyone know if there was a West St off Summer Lane?If so has anyone got photo's of this street.Thank's Irene
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    Help Needed

    I hope someone can help me.Im trying to find out where 13 COURT 5 FREDERICK TERRACE WAS.My grandparents lived there my nan's name was CATHERINE KATE LAGOE.Thank's Irene
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    Carlton Avenue (off clifford st)

    Hi.Could someone help me please im trying to find out the house number my grandparents lived at in CARLTON AVENUE.There names were Kate And Arthur Lagoe.Thank's Irene