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    Tower blocks Perry Barr demolition.

    Worked at a University here in Melbourne Aust. There were a few tall building and the windows would open only enough to let in fresh air. I was suprised that there have been a few suicides.There was a high percentage of o/seas students and some seemed to be under a great deal of family pressure.
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    In the Garden 2020

    Love the name Spike, if it's a girl she is a girl with attitude!
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    In the Garden 2020

    Love the cats tail !
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    Sparkhill in the 70's

    Julie I'm in the wrong place and time. I talking 1940/50s and in Sparkbrook just past Stoney Lane and Walford Rd heading towards Sparkhill. Cheers
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    Sparkhill in the 70's

    There was a Candy Box on Stratford Rd on the opposite side to The Picadilly cinema ! Say between Stoney Lane and the cinema. Dads night off as a waiter was Thursday , so he ,Mom and I would go to the pictures and buy Turkish Delight and other sweets there on the way.
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    When we bought our old house we found the previous owner had fixed a lot of problems with old newspapers. We became interested in them and they went back to the late 1940s and we gave them to the little local museum. He used them to block holes in the weatherboard walls with screwed up part...
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    They dragged their bottoms along the ground, thats why the armours dented.
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    Well look at your dovetails ! I have a brother- in- law who is an embarrassment to me. He was rescued from a delinquent youth by getting into timber and it became his passion. My wife is his favourite sister and we have been gifted many of his works over the years. Keep up the good works as they...
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    Old street pics..

    My parents bought me quite a large Meccano set and steam engine completely ignoring my lack of mechanical skills. My Dad said he would help construct the windmill etc but overlooked that he wasnt an engineer but a head waiter and had little time at home. It was eventually built ,fired up and...
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    Coaching Inns in the 19th century

    That is serious money in anyones language .
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    Restaurants In Birmingham 1960s

    We may have passed each other, were you the brunette in the yellow mini dress ?
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    Birmingham Irish

    Sad Days, rather glad I'm not there to see it. Have been back in the past but there is nothing or nobody to draw me now.
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    Birmingham Irish

    I was recently at a funeral in Melboune and struck up a conversation with another mourner whilst we were getting a bit of fresh air and he picked up my Brummie accent. He was Irish and had lived and worked in Birmingham and asked where abouts I came from. When I said Sparkbrook he said he knew...
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    Handsworth Technical School

    Well just saw this site pop up again as I was taking a belated breakfast! Any oldies still with us with memories to share ? Back in Feb 2017 I said I had been busy with the sale of a house and was hit with the realisation that this was due to our son dying. Not said for sypathy just that it...
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    My father was employed as a chauffeur/valet in Solihull c 1929 and was always into the latest fashions and had the audacity to go to his employers tailor to order a pair of Oxford Bags. So this story losely fits the subject ! He was called in by the employer who said his tailor had advised him...
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    Cannon Hill Park

    It sounds Sounds as if you had a great childhood. Holidays were often a great disappointment, the memories I have of great holidays were when we went to a friend of the family's bungalow which was actually an old single deck bus with a dry toilet. Other happy times of spending days with mates...
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    Well done young man !
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    T. Elvins & Sons Ltd

    Love it when there is a comment made that brings these older forums back to life and sets the old memories spinning again. The more I recall about Elvins the more it seems to be the setting for one of those Carry On films. There was a fellow office boy named Tom who introduced me to Stan Kenton...
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    Where is this ?

    It can't be a Penguin as they are black and white with short wings that are like feathered fins. How about me throwing in that I think it is a Raven reading a Poe horror story. Nice to see the bus outside The Wimpy Bar. I could be on the top deck on way home from Handsworth Tech. waving to my...
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    Traditional Brummie Food

    To me a fried egg doille is when the egg has been so over cooked the edges go from brown to black and the yoke goes hard and a funny shade of mustard yellow. When I worked at GKN they had a sort of British Restaurant which served a square fried egg. They sat in stainless steel trays of about a...