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  1. Bojalu

    Barbara Johnson Chairperson Of Birmingham Air Raid Remembrance Association ( Barra )

    With deep sadness I announce the passing a great lady -Barbara Johnson Chair person of Birmingham Air Raid Remembrance Association - BARRA Barbara passed away on Wednesday 30 May 2018 . Barbara worked tirelessly for BARRA giving her time voluntary . Along with others Barbara...
  2. Bojalu

    Jackie Hill of Lucas Memories R.I.P.

    With sad news I have heard that Jackie Hill of Lucas Memories passed away this morning. Jackie left us a legacy with Lucas Memories. Condolences and heartfelt thoughts are with Jackie’s Family. May she Rest In Peace. xXx
  3. Bojalu

    Programme on T.V tonight about Birmingham

    Programme on T.V tonight about Birmingham - Barging round Britain with John Sergeant. Cadbury's, Bournville , plus canals. ITV at 8pm
  4. Bojalu

    Could someone help repair this photo please

    Hoping someone will help and take the time to restore this image. Thank you
  5. Bojalu

    Relatives of adopted adults now able to trace family tree

    Children, grandchildren and other relatives of adopted adults can now trace back through their ancestors’ lives. Children, grandchildren and other relatives of adopted adults can now trace back through their ancestors’ lives - helping them to unearth their family history, discover more about...
  6. Bojalu

    John Yates -Genealogist.

    John Yates -Genealogist. So sad that we are to loose John Yates from Birmingham Register Office. But wish him well in his retirement. It appears that Birmingham Register Office will be unable to provide extended genealogical research, but will still provide certificates for family history.
  7. Bojalu

    Lives Of The First World War - Remember Your Relative

    If you know your ancestors regiment details remember your relative at – Lives of the First World War. https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/
  8. Bojalu

    Lives of The First World War - Remember your Relative

    If you know your ancestors regiment details remember your relative at – Lives of the First World War. https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/
  9. Bojalu

    Hill Church, Sutton Coldfield

    I have a marriage certificate dated 1858 . Bride and Groom married at Hill Church , Sutton Coldfield. I have not found a Hill Church, Could it be Holy Trinity? If this helps marriage certificate states in presence of Thomas Langley Clerk of Hill Church.
  10. Bojalu

    Len Copsey R.I.P.

    Len Copsey will be sadly missed by many. An Intelligent and interesting man. I hope his wife Carol and son Paul gained some comfort in the happy memories they have shared. I know he will be missed on the forum. Bo xxx
  11. Bojalu

    Help Birmingham Hippodrome

    Birmingham Hippodrome NEED YOUR HELP! Do you have any programmes or posters from the 1970s or before that perhaps you might like to donate to them ? They are archiving the history of their wonderful building and can only do so with your help! Please get in touch Report to Mod - Link to Post -...
  12. Bojalu

    Prospect Row - Map Location Please

    Hi , Hoping some one can help me. Does anyone happen to have an old A-Z of Birmingham ? I am looking for Prospect Row. I have been informed it is in an 1970 A - Z. When did Prospect Row disappear ? Does anyone have an early map of Prosect Row ? Thank you Bo
  13. Bojalu

    Dawsons Cycle Works - Help Wanted

    Hello, Would anyone have any general information or memories of Dawson's Cycle works . Time period I am looking at is 1920's- 1940 Am I correct in thinking it was based in Ickneild St ? Thank you Bo
  14. Bojalu

    Text to small

    I done it again ! Done something with the mouse and text is too small. Cannot remember what to do with mouse to get back to correct size. Help Please Thank you
  15. Bojalu

    Flickering Monitor Black Screen

    My desk top montitor is taking up to half an hour to come on. This is happening every time I switch on. The screen is black , that flickers , I am just about able to see icons on screen. I am able to hear the start up theme, as soon as i switch on. Everything is plugged in and internet is...
  16. Bojalu

    looking for a verse - Grief

    I am unable to find a verse opening line- Isnt grief suppose to wane. I feel sure the verse was on this site. I have put in search box and scanned through poems section . Have I missed it or has it been deleted ? Bo
  17. Bojalu

    Coventry Rd, South Yardley

    My great grandmother is in fancy dress as Charlie Chaplin. The photo was taken on the Coventry Rd, South Yardley , near the Swan public house. Can anyone tell me if this is The Tivoli side of Cov Rd, or New Inns side of Cov Rd. Also an estimated date for year would be appreciated. Perhaps...
  18. Bojalu

    July 2009 -Brummagem 100th Issue- Percy Shurmer & Summer Lane Kid

    Some of The Late Brian Harding ( The Summer Lane Kid ) Poems are in the July issue 2009 . 100th Issue I have recently purchased two of his books from his son Keith. Also My Mum is featured on the front page with Percy Shurmer with write up inside about her trip to the Houses of Parliment and...
  19. Bojalu

    National Birth records online - Misleading

    I have been asked by various people including my own relatives about the recent news of The national Birth records online. The Birth indexs have been online for a number of years. Apparently a Tv Breakfast show has claimed that the actual Certificate can be viewed on line via a well known...
  20. Bojalu

    Edge- Boxer

    I am looking for any info on Birmingham's Boy Edge - BOXER Career 1920's - 1940 's? Photo's , memorabilia, or insight , possibly from Brookfields , Hockley or Ladywood area of Birmingham. Bo