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  1. john70

    BBC 1 tonight No. 11 route

    I have been told that on BBC 1 tonight at 7 30 there is a programme about the No. 11 bus route. I can get it here in Somerset on Sky 979 so hope the info. is correct.
  2. john70

    Great Railway Adventure

    A new series begins tonight at 9pm on Sky National Geographic Channel 526 advertised as The great untold drama of British Railways.
  3. john70

    Aston Manor Museum

    I was sent this cutting from the "Mail", must be a very big worry to the owners of vehicles stored there, and a loss to Birmingham as its a very interesting museum.
  4. john70

    First Driving Lesson

    I had my first driving lesson in 1955 in an Austin A40 Somerset with the Warwickshire School of Motoring, they had an office on the Stratford Road allmost opposite Farm Road, it was a Pound a lesson and I remember my instructor was Jim Smith, I paid up front for 12 lessons which included my...
  5. john70

    Niederzwfhren cemetery

    Here are four photo,s of the cemetery in Germany where my great uncle Thomas is buried, he was taken prisoner and died in captivity when he was only 17, by all accounts he joined the Warwicks when he heard that his brother George had been killed. He lived in Lily Rd. Yardley.
  6. john70

    Sketchley cleaners

    This is a photo of a van I drove for Sketchley,s in 1960/61, I used to collect and deliver household goods for all the Birmingham area shops.
  7. john70

    Caves Coaches

    Anyone remember Caves coaches from Solihull Lodge?.
  8. john70

    First Motorbike

    Dad allway,s had motorbikes after he came out of the army after the war, so I couldn,t wait for my 16th. birthday when I could have my own. It was a Francis Barnett 125, that looking back I think dad chose on purpose for me, as it wouldnt pull your hat off, and top speed was 37 MPH. I had it for...
  9. john70

    Grendon Rd./ Wheelers Ln.

    I started school in 1942 as a five year old, at Grendon Rd. infants and junior, Kings Heath, the school was of wooden construction. The same day my friend Micheal Terry started school, and we are still friends now and in regular contact,allthough he now lives in Belfast, and I live in...
  10. john70

    B,ham bus museums

    Anyone interested in B C T or Midland Red buses may like to look at two websites. amrtm.org is Aston Manor museum, and www.bammot.org.uk is the Whythall transport museum.
  11. john70

    help please

    My ggg, grandfather died in Dudley Rd. workhouse in 1874, and I am trying to find where he was buried. anyone any idea,s please.