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  1. The Baron

    Birmingham Sandpits ice rink Mohawks speed team

    Anyone remember Wednesday nights & Saturday nights races by the Moharks.
  2. The Baron


    I was born back of 155 Tower Road in 1939
  3. The Baron


    Hi Bob, I posted that photo under my username ( The Baron ) I hope you and DI remember me Keith Jenney Mining Projects under Viv Horder. Are you no Facebook? Nice to hear your doing well.
  4. The Baron

    Springhill Ice rink Summerhill Road

    That guy on the left is Reg Williams,I remember your Dad now,thanks for posting it's jogged the old grey cells.
  5. The Baron


    Bit before my time at witton lol. Great pic's Astonian,what's with the trench's?
  6. The Baron


    keep posting ( many more on the other GEC site guy's) love to see the place I spent over 30 year's ;0))
  7. The Baron


    Us old GEC folk's must be getting thin on the ground now ,seem to have run out of post's lol
  8. The Baron

    Old Sutton Parade Shops

    Thanks Ray ,even I remember it now ;0))
  9. The Baron


    Anyone help looking for the name of this guy,Q Shop foreman GEC Switchgear & Chairman Highgate United ? Must have past him every day when I worked in Relay Shop for a few years.
  10. The Baron

    Old Sutton Parade Shops

    Thank you & your mom for the Info ;0))
  11. The Baron

    Waterworks Street And Grosvenor Rd Aston

    My late Aunt Edith Lamb was Post Mistress at Water works Post Office for a number of years. ( I think it woild be around the 50s? )
  12. The Baron

    Group photos

    UPPER THOMAS STREET tour of the streets of aston to see the buntting. the Red stared lady is My Aunt Edith Lamb ( Nee Woolley)
  13. The Baron

    Group photos

    I see Art Hambidge next to Bill Jones & Pete Jennings
  14. The Baron

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Many a late night spent in that place drinking coffee and the odd pie after a night at the Old Birmingham Ice Rink .Great meeting place for us skaters ;0))
  15. The Baron

    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    nice E Type on the left.That guy must be running to make the 7-30pm skating session at the old Rink Phil ;0))
  16. The Baron

    Upper Thomas Street School Aston

    Do you mean the one of us 5 at Thomas St (above) lyn. if so it's Keith (THE BARON) not Phil. ;0))
  17. The Baron

    Upper Thomas Street School Aston

    found this one in our box of family photo's I am the guy front left the only one other I can name is the chap next to me Roy Haynes ? take at Upper Thomas St Senior School when Mr York was the Headmaster. Anyone know others on here ?
  18. The Baron

    Sir William Nott

    If that Henry Nott Hobday is landlord of the Eagle & Tun Banbury St Birmingham then YES they are mine ;0))
  19. The Baron

    Hobday Family

    The Hobday's were related by wedlock to a General Sir William Nott from south Wales ,or that's what my records show.ANYONE CONFIRM my finding's ?
  20. The Baron

    Upper Thomas Street 1949-50

    It was DAVID JENNEY Pat but you know that now Regards Keith lol