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  1. J

    Nelson Tavern, Severn Street, Birmingham?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I was struggling to find the correct place for it :-) I have a George Bromage on the 1861 Census living at 16 Severn Street and his occupation is down as Publican and Builder. The family seem to have lived there for a number of years with George...
  2. J

    Stephen Mills, Ironmongery

    I am trying to find out any information about my 3 x great grandfather. He was born in 1797 in Coventry and died 1875 in Birmingham. He was married to Ann Newey who was the sister of James George Newey who was partner in the company Newey Bros. I am trying to establish a link between the two...
  3. J

    One I'd Done

    My mother-in-law had us all in stitches the other evening talking about a pub she used to frequent I think in Hingeston Street called the One I'd Done. We all doubted that such a pub ever existed. After much laughter and taking the mickey we phoned my father-in-law to ask him if indeed this...
  4. J

    How do I?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have found my gg grandmother on the 1841 Census. She is a Charlotte Hunt b1830 living with her mother and two brothers in William Street North, in St. George's parish. I presume her father must had died. How do I find out who her parents...
  5. J

    Samuel Joseph Heath

    I have found Samuel Joseph Heath on the 1881 Census and he is shown as a patient in General Hospital Summer Lane. Can anyone help please. Does this mean he was ill and a patient, or does it mean the Workhouse and that he was an inmate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. J

    Astwell Primary School

    Hi. Does anyone remember this school at all? I think it was situated on Hamstead Road. Seem to remember they wore a green uniform (it may have been a private school). Don't know what makes me think that, perhaps because they seemed posh and had to wear a uniform. I didn't have to do that...
  7. J

    Daniel Dickinson Lance Corporal The Royal North Lancs Regiment - 200626

    I wonder if anyone could help please. I would love to know more information about Daniel or Dan Dickinson. I have found out from the CWGC that he died on 7th April 1917. I know from family records that he left England for France on 3rd May 1915. I have been unable to find a medal card for...
  8. J

    Our New Addition

    Hi all. Thought you may like to see our new addition. Her name is Minnie and she is 7 weeks old. She seems to be settling in well and is absolutely georgeous.:)
  9. J

    Marriage Look Up Please

    I have recently found out that my ggg grandfather Thomas Trotman (b.03/02/1791 Stretton-on-fosse) married Elizabeth Shivington (b.26/04/1794) on 20/10/1810 at St.Martins, Birmingham. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to have a look at this please and let me know if there is any...
  10. J

    Sarah Ann Wier - 1861 Look-Up Please

    Could someone find Sarah Ann Wier on the 1861 census please. I know she married my gg grandfather at St. Phillips church in 1866. She was born in Norfolk in 1845. I don't know when she came to Birmingham or who her parents were. Any help would be great.
  11. J

    Dating Photo

    I wonder if anyone could help me in trying to date this photo. I think it may have been taken at some sea-side town. On the rear is printed Walking Pictures. Were these taken by a photographer and you bought them off him as a momento of your holiday?
  12. J

    1814 Marriage Look Up Please

    Charles Birbeck b1790 married a Mary Ann in 1814. I would love to know his parents, her surname if at all possible. Many thanks.
  13. J

    1871 Census Look Up Please

    Well as it seems impossible to find Abel Joseph Heath on the 1871 census, I thought I may as well give his brother Frederick ago. Frederick Heath was born 17th October 1855 in Birmingham. I have him on the 1861 census with his brother Abel and his parents Samuel and Charlotte. But where was...
  14. J

    1871 Look Up Please

    Hi. I am trying to find Abel Joseph Heath on the 1871 census. Can anyone help please. I think he was born in Birmingham in 1850 and his parents were Samuel Heath and Charlotte Hunt. In 1851 they were living in Summer Lane and in 1861 Lower Tower Street. He may married in 1869 to either Ann...
  15. J

    The Motor Car

    Hi all. I came across a book entitled The Story of 70 Momentus Years which must have been published around 1936. It is a photographic record of The Life and Times of King George V 1865 - 1936. I wasn't sure if the pictures would be of interest to anyone but thought I would post this page and see...
  16. J

    George Daniel Dauncey

    I wasn't sure where to post this query, so if it is in the wrong place I apologise. I have a George Daniel Dauncey born 18th April 1891. His father Alfred died in 1908 and his mother Clara Jackson in 1895. I have searched the 1911 census and have been unable to find anything for George...
  17. J

    Help in Dating Photos

    Can anyone help please. I have found some photo's and would like some help in dating them please (approx.) If they are of the family I think they are of, they would be approx. early 1930's.
  18. J

    Knights of St. Columba

    My mother, Vera Birbeck, did not serve in the forces during the Second World War. I don't really know why. I have come across at card presented to her by the Knights of St. Columba. Can anyone give me anymore information regarding this organisation please?
  19. J

    1901 Look Up Please

    Please would anyone be kind enough to do a 1901 look up for me. I am looking for a Daniel or Dan Dickinson. He was born approx. 1894 and I think lived in Croston, Lancashire. He may have a brother Albert and a sister Cissie. I know that Dan died on 7th April 1917 and is buried at Croston...
  20. J


    When the light of day is waning And there's Stillness in the air, We think of the lads so uncomplaining, Fighting for freedom and all that's fair. We think of the lad's that have done their bit, And are now lying wonded in France, We see their lips move in silent prayer, That they may be given...