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  1. The Baron

    Birmingham Sandpits ice rink Mohawks speed team

    Anyone remember Wednesday nights & Saturday nights races by the Moharks.
  2. The Baron

    Old Sutton Parade Shops

    Thornton's Sutton around 1950 My sister in law Barbara Hampton ( Nee Benton ) any one know were about's this shop was on the Parade ( no one left to ask any more ) So sad only wished I had ask before all family had left us .
  3. The Baron

    Sir William Nott

    Sir William Nott was my Great grand Uncle.can any one help re his family or his life in India with the British Army around 1800/ 1900 :culpability:
  4. The Baron

    Sir bruce

    Congat's to Bruce Forsythe on becoming a Knight, Sir Bruce sounds like GOOD GAME GOOD GAME & NICE TO SEE YOU NICE
  5. The Baron


    Hi Guys Well ITV Have said they will be showing the Video of our ice Patch tonight on Central News. watch THE BARON in actoin :0))
  6. The Baron

    The first world war from above

    Did any one see this moving arial footage & photographs of the conflict,the very touching end ? If you have not seen this & then if you have BBC I PLAYER have a look. The final part will bring a tear or two! :cry:
  7. The Baron

    Photos of fall 2010

    This Photo taken today on the CHESTER ROAD<BEGGERS BUSH,SUTTON COLDFIELD. What fantastic display the trees are giving us this Fall.
  8. The Baron

    Ancestory entered info

    Help please,can any one tell me how to remove a person from my family tree, entered it the wrong place! I have had a senior moment & put my Aunt as the spouse of her son :) I have now got her on my site twice. I have tried to remove all info on her, but it still leaves her one my tree? any help...
  9. The Baron

    Kingsbury water park

    Had a great day out at Kingsbury Water park ,withour young granson, The Echills Wood 71/4 Gauge Railway is a must for young & old. These are just a few pics.
  10. The Baron

    Help stolen car

    HELP TO FIND MY WIFES STOLEN Honda civic (see Photo) Stolen last night from outside our house in NEW OSCOTT Sutton Coldfield 11-00pm POLICE HAVE BEEN INFORMED Any information to recover this motor would be very much appreciated,IT IS MY WIFES PRIDE & JOY. THE BARON (Keith) PM me with any info...
  11. The Baron

    Your oldest domestic tool

    What is the longest serving domestic tool you use around the home? fridge, tv, lawnmower or what. We have a fridge (GEC COLDSPACE) still on good working order after 47 year, I purchased it from the old GEC MAGNET CLUB SHOP Witton back in 1962. Its now used as my extra beer store LOL:D
  12. The Baron

    British get aways 2009

    Hi folks what holiday have you got set up for 2009 in the UK? in the BBQ SUMMER?????? This is the beach at HAYLE CORNWALL June 2009 (NO RUSH TO THE COAST HERE)
  13. The Baron

    British sunset's

    Just thought I would share these two Sunsets from our Cornish Holiday June 2009 .taken over ST IVES BAY.
  14. The Baron

    HENEAGE ST for Steve

    Hi Steve this is the map you asked for HENEAGE ST IS IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER,just of Dartmouth ST. HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED. THE BARON (ASTON)
  15. The Baron

    Humph littleton

    Any one know how i could get a download of humphrey littleton's "bad penny blues"
  16. The Baron

    Our family tree: Weddings

    As Jean, sugested I have started this thead in order we can build a FAMILY TREE from Wedding within our own familys. so come on lets have a go Folks!! MY MOM & DAD Doris & Bill JENNEY 29th July 1933 ST PETER & ST PAULS ASTON Vicar Rev Henry McGowan
  17. The Baron

    Chamberlin & hookham

    As any one any memories of "Chamberline & Hookham" New Bartholomew Street. I did 6 months working at that factory as part of my early GEC WITTON Apprenticeship. I was told it used to be a workhouse? any one confirm that?
  18. The Baron

    Aston villa at war

    Photos of HMT ASTON VILLA in world war II. Has any one any information on this Ship or its Crew? THE BARON (ASTON )
  19. The Baron

    One for our canadians

    Hi this is one for you folks in Canada (or any one else that thinks they know). Can you name the year/years that these add's where going the rounds in TORONTO/CANADA ( NOTE all taken from a TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS PROGRAMME ) I will give you a margin of two years.
  20. The Baron

    Missing him

    Hi, Sorry if I up set any one with this post "BUT I DO MISS CROMWELL" for all his posts on general history & local information. INPUT SADLY MISSED. THE BARON (ASTON)