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    Plush Nuggets

    I was wondering if I had made this up...but...there were plush nuggets weren't there? Talking to Mum yesterday about nostalgia...makes a change from aches and pains and ( might even had asked this question before)..can you still get them,who made them? I look every time I see an old fashioned...
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    Worcestershire Regiment

    Hello all. Can anyone help me to find out anything about Tom Perkins who was in this regiment in the First World War .All I know was that he lived in Lye Head just outside Bewdley...that's all I know.Any pointers or ideas where I go now please Thanks Suze
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    Birmingham Syphon Company Limited

    Hello...anybody ever heard of this company please Thanks Suze
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    Greys Palm Room

    My Mum used to sit and have lunch ..plus silver service in Grays Palm Room in the late 1940's when music would be played . Apparently Semprini played there once,but Mum can't remember the surname if the violinist...Henry. Does anyone have any memories of a gentile time gone by?...but especially...
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    Hand Family

    Hello, I think I may have lost this thread,so here goes again. My grandmother,Evelyn Hand (married William Thursfield)had a niece named Janet Robertson.Apparently Janet had done a lot of work on the Hand family tree,then I learned she had died,before I could get in touch with her.She had...
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    F and C Osler

    I went to the V and A exhibition of The "Maharaja's" yesterday. The wealth in India in the past was incredible,so many fabulous jewels etc. One of the Maharaja's had a piece of gorgoeus cut glass (a decanter and 2 glasses) made by Osler's. Are they still around and did they make anything else...
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    Red Lion Thimble Mill Lane Nechells

    Hi all.Just found on another thread,that this pub was in the street where my family lived at the end of the 19th century. Any photo's of Thimble Mill Lane or the pub please,or history of the pub. Were there any other pubs in that road please.
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    Daily Cafe Wharfdale Tyseley

    Anyone remember Eileen Hand who ran this cafe in the 40's 50's and her Roland ? Any photos please of this cafe or the road? I think it was knocked down
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    Imperial Hotel Birmingham

    Any info or photos of this hotel in the city centre please
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    Birches Green House

    Hi all...and thanks to Frothblower for giving me a start. We both used to play in this derelict house on the corner of Kingsbury Rd and Spring Lane when we were children (in the late 50's early 60's) Does anybody have a photo of it please before it became a garage? Does anybody know who owned it...
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    National School Erdington

    I saw a photo of Erdington that was taken in the 50's I think and mentioned the National School,but no photo. Does anybody have one in their collection? I was also looking on the Erdington site. Was The Acorn knocked down? (It is the one opposite poor St Barnabas isnt it.) Whats happening with...
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    Alleyne Road Erdington

    My Mum lived here in the 30' and 40's Any photos of what it was like then,or the surrounding area at that time....... please
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    Please could anybody tell me which "Thursfield " family is living at 5 Thimble Mill Lane Nechells in 1920...according to the WONDERFUL Astonbrook through Aston manor site...better than the telly !!
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    Is it just because my lot lived/worked/were married in and around Aston,but when I am browsing around the site,I notice a large amount of "Aston" connections,more so I think than any other area.Maybe places like Kings Heath, Selly Oak etc were out in the country at the end of the 19th century...
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    Acme Whistles

    Have I got the name correct. I believe they are one of the oldest factories in the Midlands. Started making whistles for football referees or was it the police? Apparantly they are two different sorts,the ref's whistle havin a "pea" in it? Any info or photo's please. Names researching...
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    Geo Hughes

    This might be a continuation of an old one,but here we go.There was an enquiry a while back...I have info...:)
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    Movement in 18th century..social info

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help with answering a question that has puzzled me for ages. My ancestors came from Shenstone/Weeford Staffs,but further along the line ended up in Aston B'Ham. Why I am guessing is because social conditions,lack of work ?I imagine it was a very rural area.Did...
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    Coachsmiths arms small heath Hare&Hounds Minworth

    Hello My grandad William Thursfield kept both of these pubs...the Arms in the 30s 40s maybe and the H and H in the 50's When I was a litle girl I used to stand on the bar at the H and H and recite the alphabet...any memories or photos please?