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    Eureka Dairy

    Well Ive been able to connect all the dots on this one.....David Phillip Jones, born 1867 Carmathen, Wales, is the father of Elizabeth Gladys Jones, b1903 Aston, who married Robert William Burrows in 1927....Robert is my great uncle, making Elizabeth my great aunt!!! Thank you every one for your...
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    Eureka Dairy

    Wow, thank you, so am now wondering, my great uncle was perhaps living there, because that's the address I have discovered in an address book for correspondence, then from that address he then went to the White Hart Inn, Sparkbrook, thank you so much, it's nice when you actually see the address...
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    Queens Hospital

    Am I right in thinking that the attached postcard of Queens Chapel was part of QE hospital before the new one was built, thankyou
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    The Lad In The Lane The Green Man

    Haha you may regret saying that, I have stacks of them, I will sort them from Birmingham area and Welsh area, my great grandfather was a keen photographer, that will keep me quiet during lockdown, thank you!
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    Eureka Dairy

    Thank you
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    The Lad In The Lane The Green Man

    Hi, you certainly can use it, it's amongst a pile of photos from my parents that I'm slowly going through (which came from my great grandparents) they were in the pub trade, at the moment I have no link to that, but will go through the licences that I have, enjoy!
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    The Lad In The Lane The Green Man

    Oh gosh, didn't even see that bit when I blew it up, my eyesight really does need testing, thank you!
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    Eureka Dairy

    Hi, am looking for information on Eureka Dairy, Victoria Road, Aston, possibly pre 1930, thank you in advance.
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    Hi Pedrocut, thank you for that, the reason why I ask if anyone has him in there tree is that I have in my possession a medal, with his name on the back and 1922, which I have found whilst going through my parents house, which I would like to return to the appropriate family, thanks!
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    Has anybody got an “Adolphus Frankish” in there family tree please, roughly about 1922, thankyou!
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    The Lad In The Lane The Green Man

    Would be happy if someone could date, thankyou
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    White Hart

    Hi, am wondering if any of you have any information on The White Hart Inn, Main Street, Sparkbrook, I think I’m looking for information before 1930, after that period the family move to Wales, thankyou for any help!
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    Rod Birch

    RIP Rod.....thankyou for everything you did for me when I first joined....condolences to your wife and children and grandchildren....you will be always in my thoughts xx
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    Perry Barr Mills

    Nice picture Stitcher and I hope you don't mind me being cheeky by saving a copy
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    Davenport House

    Thankyou Susanne and Mike......do you both mind if I take a copy of the map and the article x
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    Davenport House

    Thankyou both for the imput, the house was definately in Hagley Road. It was nothing to do with the brewries but to do with an eminent recorder of Birmingham (Matthew Davenport Hill) hence the name and where Robert Walter Winfield was born. Once again thankyou.
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    Davenport House

    Does anyone please know where in Birmingham this house is situated, or is it not still standing. I believe it is somewhere along the Hagley Road and was built beforre 1799. Any help would be grateful thanks
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    Birmingham History Galleries: Do you have a suburban story? (oral history projects)

    Re: Birmingham History Galleries: Do you have a suburban story? (oral history project I can't wait for it to open either, have marked it my calander and by luck it's my day off. From what I read on the museum website it's going to cover everything to do with Birmingham. I hate to say it but...
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    Mike Guest

    RIP Mike....you will be sadly missed not only by your wife and family but from the family on the forum...thankyou for being you, and my friend it was very nice to meet you....love to all xxx
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    Mills Of Birmingham

    Sorry..heres the attachment ha ha