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    250 Newtown Row

    I don’t get much time on the forum nowadays, but I hope one of our members can help me. I am looking for the location of 250 Newtown Row as a family member had a tripe/coffee house there in the late 1800s.moss
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    Potters Field,Aston

    Mike if you see this post,I wonder if you could tell me where Potters Field was as i have a G G G Grandfather living there in 1851.Mossg
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    Picture restoration

    I hope one of you very talented people could please help with this badly damaged picture of my wife's great grandmother
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    More canals than Venice

    This film is well worth a look.It,s a one hour long film by Brummie film-maker Steve Rainbow.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiHI7m7fhl4
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    Erdington Tramway Terminus

    I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this one. In Wylde Green village there is a building that looks to have been an electricity sub station in the past,although i have been told that it was toilets at some point. There is a ghost sign above it but it is not at all clear as you can see...
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    Lichfield Road Aston

    I wonder if Mike could look up an address for me.It is 13 Lichfield Rd,Aston and in 1861 it was very close to a residency called Clock Tower.I assume Clock Tower was Aston Cross.Moss
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    Mitt Romney

    I have just found out that the maternal grandfather of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney was born in Birmingham. I wonder if Mike could pinpoint where house 3, 30 court, Carver street,Ladywood was? Moss
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    Birmingham Halfpenny

    This is a picture of a coin owned by a friend of mine.Can anyone throw some light onto it's origins?Moss
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    I have recently been given three medals from WW1,i have been told they are family medals. Two i recognise as family but the third does not ring a bell at all.The inscription on the rim reads Pte W Simpson 14379 Royal Lancashire Regiment. Can anyone please point me in the right direction with...
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    Harding Street

    I wonder if anyone can help me?On the 1841 census my G.Grandfather lived in Harding Street in the parish of St George,I have scoured many old maps and i have not been able to find it's location.The next street shown on the census is Ormond Street so i assume it was near Summer Lane.A map showing...
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    Do these pillars have a name?

    There are still quite a few of these about.I think i know what they were for, but what were they called?Moss.
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    Birmingham Jazz Festival

    Don't forget folks,the Birmingham jazz festival starts tomorrow and runs until 25th July.Dozens of bands will be playing at dozens of venues,and by far the majority will be free. It's a bit late in the day now but one of the sessions would have made a good get together for Forum members.Moss.
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    Great Queen Street

    I am researching a relative in my family tree.In the 1871 & 1881 census their address was Gt Queen St, Worcester house,Birmingham.In the Municipal ward of Market Hall and the parish of St Jude. His occupation was a Fish merchant. Moss.
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    Woodman Easy Row

    I think Easy Row deserves its own thread, if only because of The Woodman. Moss. Edit. The images referred to are no longer available.
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    Witton Square

    Hi everyone, When i was younger most people refered to Witton circle as WITTON SQUARE. Does anyone remember it looking anything like a square? Moss.
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    Pet shop in Vyse Street 1950s.

    Does anyone remember there being a pet shop in Vyse Street? I dont know if my memory is playing tricks on me,but i am sure i can remember there being a pet shop on the right hand side just up from Gt Hampton Street.They even had caged monkeys. Moss.
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    Sandstone caves Tyburn Road.

    I have already asked this question on another thread,but i think that maybe it was the wrong place for it. Can anyone remember the sandstone caves on Tyburn Road near Salford Bridge? I have recently read that they were inhabited from 1490,and were used as air raid shelters during WW2. A picture...
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    Map of Summer Lane & Hockley

    Is there anyone who could upload a streetmap covering the above area? I would like to use it to cross reference pubs and other places of interest to me. I have started with this small map,and would like to cover a larger area. 1-The Dolphin. 2-The Justice. 3-The Geach. 4-St Matthias Tavern...
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    Glassworks in Hockley?

    Hello All, My G.Grandfather lived in Hospital St,Hockley & at the time of the 1881 census his occupation was a Glass cutter. I saw quite recently that there was a public house in Hospital St called the Glasscutters Arms. Does anyone know if there was a glassworks in the area? Maurice.
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    Round Hill Aston

    I wonder if anyone can help me? The 1851 census shows some of my ancesters living in Round Hill.Aston. Does anyone know where this was please? Maurice