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    Jennings of Parliament St

    looking for information o jennings family parliment street aston birmingham 6
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    books give away by Alton douglas

    Hi guys i have two books to give away to any member whom would like one its a large lan Astonian and its callled birmingham at war a pictorial acccount i am giveing them away free with free postage So If anybody would like one send me your contact of abode through private e mail and i will...
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    Gas Street basin

    Hi Guys, As you will remember as kids we roamed the cut [ cannal ] and we would often see this old gentleman on our travels the Tramp, always laying down a sleep along the cannal as kids you always do that sort of thing which i now know in my mature life it...
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    R,H Burman Tyburn road Erdington birmingham

    Hi Guys i am researching a company by the above name its directors was A,E Millner, m, millner I have in my possession an invoice dated 1953 i beleive they could have been stock metal holders can anybody tell me if they ever worked there not i would be very much intrested o know what they...
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    John knights

    Hi GUYS, Its john knights birthday day many happyreturns of the day john hope you have a great day with your family And friends and that you have many more to come in the future so go out and paint the town red Happy birthday my friend...
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    Navigation Inn Kings Norton

    to day i was taken to birmingham and we went down through the green at kings norton, and i looked towards the old historic pub called the Navigagation now that is a long historic pub remaining of brum history going back years and i found it all boarded up can anybody telll me when and how long...
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    Cross Guns,pub And The Marquis Of Lorne

    Hi guys here is a couple of old boozers for you picture number 1 , picture number 2 cross guns on the corner of summer lane and frankfort st And The marqius of Lorne taken in the 1950
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    The V G Stores

    Hi guys what ever happenend to the good old vg stores that was around birmingham in the Fiftys and sixties i asked does anybody recall them there was two in stechford close to each other by the stechford swimming baths And my wife...
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    White Horse Congreve Street

    the demise of the white horse...1965
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    Mcnabs Ice Creammaker Sellers

    HI GUYS Today i drove down to brum and came over the licky hills and down into West Heath And i got stuck behind an very old Ice cream van playing is tunes And as i followed him going my way of course just before the green he turned off...
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    The Warstone Pub

    H i guys does any body got a photograph of the named above public house called the warstone as it was a very old haunt for me and my old mates and just one of our friday nights local before moving down into the grotto pub in camden street springhill there...
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    Fish And Chip Shop Ickneild Street Springhill Birmingham 18 156z57

    hi mike i am trying to pin point a relative to my mothers family way back in the late fiftys it was a chippie shop very close to the spring hill libary oppersite and next to bullpitts factory by the junction of springhill there was a...
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    H P Sauce Factory

    Hi Guys todays the day of our beloved and lost love and a piece of our long life history of Aston and birmingham is the saddened Anniversary of the big british industry of Hp sauace aston cross ,co,s today it closed for good on this very date 16 april 1916 there is some photos on the pages of...
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    Hill Top Farm Spitfires At The Ready

    Hi Guys Here is an old picture of the spitfires ready for action already in postion on stand bye to go out and protect our lad in the surrounding areas of brum they are in the sheds on hilltop farm , Here is the photograph ,,
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    Bob Wilson’s Fun Fair

    i am looking for information regarding the bob wilsons fun fair can anybody throw some light on this wilsons fair ground when did they ever start this fair Astonian,,
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    Robert Peel Statue Birmingham

    Astatue of robert peel stood in victoria square but removed, after an accident onNovember 11 1926, The driver of a large lorry, whom presumerly failed to keep to keep his eyes peeled, Struck a gas lamp that fell across the statue and hit Peel on the head, The statue toppled onto the carrige way...
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    Free Books Give Away

    Hi Guys I have been through my books again and i have a couple of books to give away If anybody is intrested i will send them free of postage They are the glossy boks from the front cover all the way to the back cover i have two books 1, The birmingham scrap book volume 1 signed Alton Douglas...
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    Clifford Street Aston,

    did you ever live in clifford aston if so here is the declining of clifford street aston 1967 here is a photograph of clifford street aston , have you got memories of clifford street whendid you leave clifford street
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    Alexander Street Ladywood

    Hi guys i am researching the named above street i ladywood and i was wondering whether or not is there any pictures around that street that anybody as got could possibly show on the forum as i have a big intrest on this one tracking my relatives from far bak in time best wishes and a merry...
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    Bread Factory,s

    Hi Guys I have just mentioined Hawleys bakeries on mosely road and kryick lane and i thought i had a picture of the owners house being collected in a horse and carriage by an employee to bring him to his office at Hawleys, but apparently i have not got one of him it was infact...