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    St John Ambulance Brigade

    Do you have any memories of the SJAB who were based at Lionel Street in Birmingham. As a cadet I remember marching through the city on our Annual Church Service complete with marching bands. That was very moving. My father was a County Staff Officer until 1965 when he retired. He was totally...
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    Walkers Toffee

    In Marston Green there was a toffee factory, I think it was Walkers.It was mostly slab toffee which you broke with a small hammer.Some came on trays and some in pocket packs.It this the Walkers Nonsuch brand that sometimes can stillbe bought?> I know it was nice toffee. I knowthe Walker name...
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    Sheldon Bombing

    Is there any information of the bombs that fell on Parkdale Road.This was a new road having been built in 1938/9. Apparently a German Bomber was being chased off Elmdon Airpaort and it dropped it's bomb load to gain speed as it flew off. The bombs dropped in Parkdale Road damaging several houses...
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    Typhoo Tea Bordesley Street Digbeth

    any stories or memories from workers at typhoo
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    Macfarlane Lang Biscuits/ McVitie & Price Biscuits Depot in Stechford.

    Do any subscribors to this forum have memories,or worked at the Flaxley Road depot of United Biscuits up to 1965. The depot was previously at Tyseley. Do you remember the depot manager Maurice Leggett, Dave Davies one of the delivery vehicle drivers. Dave had a son David who went on to become a...