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    St Andrews Church Bordesley Green

    My grandparents were married in St. Andrews in 1911 Sheri
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    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    Re: re Cadbury's Thank you Brian - I remember Mr & Mrs Nicholls and Mr and Mrs Bunce well as neighbours to my Nan at 73. Your wife would only be 2/3 houses up - I don't remember ever playing with other children when I went there - maybe she is much younger than me. Sheri
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    Pines Express 1950's

    I remember travelling from B'ham to Bournemouth (don't know if it went to Poole then) at Christmas 1960 with my 18 month old daughter - she got filthy - it was for Christmas with my parents but we never went back to Brum to live.
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    From Birmingham Post 150 years ago

    Sounds familiar Mike.
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    Logging in, logging off

    I've been getting logged out for ages - have to back log in again. Sheri
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    Foster Ada

    Lets hope they can find some family to properly inter them. Sheri
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    Watery Lane

    My mothers family on both sides lived there for many years - she moved away I think in 1931 when her mother died. I have suspicions that some of the men were involved with the gangs as I have been told they were a bit 'rough'. So this programme is of particular interest. Sheri
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    Re: the peaky blinders I watched with interest as my mothers family all come from Small Heath - it wouldn't surprise me if one or two of the boys were involved in gangs. I agree with Wendy about the music much to loud. I think Italians sense of justice in those days was that the murderer paid...
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    Hayward Thomas

    Arn't you all kind thank you so much - I did look to see if Charlotte died but couldn't find it - I had thought Honoria was a 2nd marriage. Than ties up my early Hayward family nicely as far as I can go without certificates (unless further info comes to light). I've spent weeks looking for...
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    The spelling of surnames

    I have the same with Hayward - can be anything from Heard to Haywood. Sheri
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    Hayward Thomas

    I'm looking for any information about Thomas Hayward c. ? 1801 - he married Charlotte Ratheram in June 1821 at St. Martins. Their children were Charlotte c. April 1822 - Thomas c. March 1824 - Charles C. Nov. 1825 - William c. 1827. I have FMP and I can't find any trace of this family except I...
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    Electoral rolls

    Thanks Mike - I didn't think they started so early - only property/land owners then I think? Sheri
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    Electoral rolls

    This maybe the wrong place - but when did they start electoral rolls please. Many thanks, Sheri
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    William Hayward - japanner

    Thank you Mike for the map - now I know roughly where he was - my interest is becuse he employed so many women I think my gt. aunts worked for him - connected by marriage - which I can't find yet!!
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    William Hayward - japanner

    Mike, thank you so much for the information - it was what I wanted. One more question I can't really tell if Camden St was near the center of B'ham or not - I had a feeling it was near Snow Hill?? I don't know how you found this thread because it hasn't come up in the Trades must have done...
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    William Hayward - japanner

    In 1881 William Hayward was a japanner/french polisher employing 10 men and 26 women - his work shops were from 16 to 22 Camden St. He lived at Sutton Coldfield - I have the info there until 1911. I was wondering if anybody can find anything on his business - and where is/was Camden St. Thank...
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    who do you think you are

    New programmes start tonight - one of favourite. Sheri
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    Birmingham & West Bromwich ancestors

    Hi Paul, thank you for your message. Yes I know about John B. of the Pleasant Sunday Afternoons. I told you I had followed the wrong branch of my Blackham's but I did quite alot of research into the West Brom/Handsworth families which, surprisingly, I still have which goes back further than...
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    Birmingham & West Bromwich ancestors

    Hi PaulR, I looked at your list of names with great interest as my maiden name is Blackham. My gt.gt. grandfather was John Blackham (on 1841 census says born Birmingham about 1796/6 so age about 45) he married Maria Trussell in July 1818 at St. Mary's Handsworth the Staffs. I spent about 7...
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    Thank you all for theabove information - I thought one or the other must be near Snow Hill which is where the early family I am researching had a business - bellows makers and am ab le to pinpoint the correct family. Was Hockley in Warwickshire or Staffs? I shall go on all the sites you have...