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    Kynoch's I C I 1800s - 1920s

    It would have been probably the Boar War but Kynochs produced ammunition on a general basis for anybody.
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    Ohh Sunday mornings 1955/6/7 we were off around 8.00am from Yardley with the Powers. Bernie ran the Cafe near the Blues Garrison Lane. We arrived at Kent Street Baths. Fantastic swimming. Soon in their Face afterwards. Happy Days
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    The Pelham

    Yep Grandad and Family lived near there. Dad 99.9 can remember his lemonade and crisps outside around 1924. Years later I was at Alston Road and we would walk via Belcher's Lane. We use to go to the Rock Cinema on Boxing day in the Mid 80's to see the Disney when Tim was around 8? Happy days
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    Beaufort Cinema Ward End / Washwood Heath

    Coming from Blythe cottages that was the 161 bus stop near Cranmore Road where we lived Dad99 still going but not well he struggles on towards that telegram entering the Beaufort was a Spectacular night out. The Castle at Bradford road was another haunt. What happy days we had there.
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    Snow Hill Station

    Haven't got the picture? There was a period of swapping Pacific Class Locos between regions it didn't last long. Few photos around on various sites.
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    yep Still a member Family group Amazing still Gamagee House, The Hospital at Weston closed. mike jenks.
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    Hi Still after all those years joining the queue 6 floors to go phew to see Santa.
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    NewSt Station 2015

    Hi Thanks you Flickers amazing pictures cant wait for a visit. Thanks alot Mike Jenks
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    Kynoch's I M I 1950s Onwards

    Hi Latest from the Hub Witton our old plant is going to be a fruit and veg shop. Not the best ending. The site proposed covers the vast area of the Kynoch Press Engineering Work Shops Strip Mills A B C ammunition factories. Have shown Mikes 1966 Map with the picture from the Birmingham Post...
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    Formans Rd, Sparkhill.

    Hi I noticed the 1936 Aero photo of Formans Road Lucas Factory. It was as I remembered it 2 years there in Diecastings and Plastics in Time Study and Estimating. Later on I covered for my sins Batteries with Lucas and Yuasa with Rover Group/Land Rover. Erie picture I lived at 156 with my Nan...
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    Jaguar cars

    Hi It was article 15th July 2015 headed sir John eagen put Jaguar back on its feet. It's on-line Mike Jenks
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    fish and chip shops

    Hi Not sure Dave I just grabbed them? I went to Albert Road amazing area of little shops. We all sat in the back Room while the Barbers cut hair. Next to the Sweat Shop? Mike Jenks
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    fish and chip shops

    Hi Thanks for moving to the correct thread That's the trouble with rushing Mike Jenks j
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    Jaguar cars

    Hi Yep the mail article (see below) rings true. As a senior staff rep we covered the debacle. I wrote a short book on it. Jaguar was in a mess run by Robinson he tried to run it on a democratic style. Proved a disaster. I first met John Egan he was head of Sales and Service at Cowley. He gave...
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    fish and chip shops

    Chips shop Hi Just seen Nick Stein with a piece of Cod. Worth more than Salmon. Reminded me of McCarthy chip shop in top of Bordesley Green the old 53/54 terminus. Every Thursday night for several years we had our Drill at the School 12th Batallion Boys Brigade. Under Captain Shipway and John...
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    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    Well done Some super pics. Mike jenks
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    Where did you live

    Hi Suggest you all read confessions of an aging transporter. Its online just google. It. Absolutely brilliant. Mike jenks
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    Tamworth field trainspotting

    Hi By the time I got there circa 1952 the Ban was in effect. My last spotting s were in 1960 and the Ban was still in effect on the Station. Thats why the Field became our home for the Day. A bit hit and miss. Walking thro to the Embankment bridge then hearing the field was open. The station...
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    Old street pics..

    Hi Best picture I've ever seen of the Mermaid Mike Jenks
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    In the garden 2013 - 2018

    Hi At least I can get the garden waste cleared this week. Great service in Solihull. Super garden Eddie. Mike