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    Hayward Thomas

    I'm looking for any information about Thomas Hayward c. ? 1801 - he married Charlotte Ratheram in June 1821 at St. Martins. Their children were Charlotte c. April 1822 - Thomas c. March 1824 - Charles C. Nov. 1825 - William c. 1827. I have FMP and I can't find any trace of this family except I...
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    Electoral rolls

    This maybe the wrong place - but when did they start electoral rolls please. Many thanks, Sheri
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    William Hayward - japanner

    In 1881 William Hayward was a japanner/french polisher employing 10 men and 26 women - his work shops were from 16 to 22 Camden St. He lived at Sutton Coldfield - I have the info there until 1911. I was wondering if anybody can find anything on his business - and where is/was Camden St. Thank...
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    who do you think you are

    New programmes start tonight - one of favourite. Sheri
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    I wonder if someone can tell me where the Parish of St. Georges is and where the Parish of St. Bartholemews is. I am wondering if one or the other includes Snow Hill. Thank you very much. Sheri
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    Church St.

    I wonder if someone can tell me if Church St was near to Snowhill in early 19th C - from Wrightson's directory I have William Hayward & sons - bellows makers but am trying to find gt.gt. grandfather - too many names the same!!! Many thanks, Sheri
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    how can I find birth parents

    Over the years I have looked for the parents of my gt.gt.grandfather - what I don't understand is why when he was born 1795/96 Birmingham - he's there on Family Search but no parents are shown - why arn't they shown? His name is John Blackham. Also there is a Richard Blackham b.aprrox 1803...
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    Meet the Izzards

    I watched 'Meet the Izzards' both ephisodes - and really enjoyed it. It seems that most blue eyed people stem from the Black Sea area, as all my family are blue-eyed i think I should go and meet the rellies. Very good programme. Sheri
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    Johnson Harry and Gertrude Electral look up please

    In 1911 my grandparents lived at 13 House, Court 17 Watery Lane, Small Heath. They were Harry and Gertrude Sophia Johnson. I've looked but can't trace them after 1911. I was wondering if the numbers changed? Harry died in 1917 so Gertrude would have been there on her own with her children...
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    Susan Preston

    I am looking for any trace of Susan Preston born 1924 at Malvern. There is no trace of her except her birth on FMP. I was wondering if someone with access to emigration in the 40's. She ran away from home apprently and has never been heard of again. I would love to know what happened to her...
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    apprentice gun smith

    My gt.gt uncle Alfred Sutton b. 1840 was a gun smith in the army - he enlisted about 1861 after working at Enfield. I know it would be impossible to find out where he did his apprenticeship as there were so many gun manufacturers. But what I wondered was would his father paid for his...
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    Boer War

    I have a distant relative - James Sutton b. 1874 Kilkenny Ireland. He is one of many children of Alfred Sutton b. 1840 in Army for 22 years in Corps of Armourers. I think he joined the Army about 1894 - I couldn't find him after this or in Boer War records - in 1911 he was stationed at the...
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    why would someone be in Virginia in 1695?

    I found a Sarah Bradley (may be an ancestor) she was born in 1662 in Old Swinford, Worcs. - she may have gone to Gloucester but died in Virginia in 1695 age 33. Why would she have been there? Would she have been transported? Just interested. (I got this info from FamilySearch. Many thanks...
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    Newman College of Educatiom

    I found this site by accident and it has a lot of early information - the link is www.newmanlocalhistory.org.uk there was some stuff about the police on there. I found it interesting although have'nt had time to go through it all. Sheri
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    Birmingham South and North

    I know someone on the forum can point me in the right direction - what area's are Birmingham South and North please - just a rough direction will do - I only B'ham 32. Many thanks, Sheri
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    Howards Place

    On my gt. grandparents wedding certificate it says both living in Howards Place. I looked on the address search on FMP but it didn't come up. Was it near Church St which I know was where the station is now. Many thanks, Sheri
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    Birmingham Solicitors?

    I wonder if there is any information about a firm of solicitors called 'Blackham, Maycock and Hayward' - this is the only connection I've found about two of these families and the marriage of my great grandparents. Thank you for your help, Sheri
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    The Birmingham Theatre Royal Estate Co.Ltd

    I was looking through the 'Acess to Archives' and found the above company versus Hayward 1899-1900 (- I have a family of Haywards) - there is a number MS 3375/1042 - I know this bundle of papers is in the Central Library but I was wondering if anyone on the forum knew anything about it and who...
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    are these army births?

    When looking for births I have come across 'Births 1761-24' and then unable to access the details - are these people born whose father was in the Army? Just wondering, many thanks, Sheri
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    army in canada in the 1860's

    I found a gt.gt. uncle, Alfred Sutton b. 1840 who joined the army I think when he was 21 - he was a trained Gun Smith and was an Armourer in the army. He married in 1863 at Hastings and then went to Canada - he was there a few years as several children were born there. The family were well...