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  1. castalla

    Yardley Wood

    My Grandparents lived at 18 Pendeen rd
  2. castalla


    Morturn Is that Belly draft with your Liver ¿ looks like it to me
  3. castalla

    74 and 75 bus routes

    I was a Driver on the 70 Oxhill road The Leverretts to City Centre in the 80´s
  4. castalla

    Advice please regarding who lived in a house.

    Janice could you tell me where i look up Rates Book records
  5. castalla


    They had there Surgery in a house on the Coleshill Road then moved to present premises over the road from clock garage where the 3 generation grandson is a Doctor, and if i am correct they have a another surgery in Hazelhurst Road off the chester road, As you used Chitnis did you live close by...
  6. castalla

    Where to find out how a street got its name?

    Anybody know where Millington Road Hodge hill came from next to Oakdale Road Erminghton Creesent Chipperfield Road ¿
  7. castalla

    Farrs Butcher Shop

    Thanks Gerry, to tell you the truth its been nearly 50 years ago as a young 14 year old when i worked there and even with names i cant remember faces yes names let me down
  8. castalla

    St Wilfreds R C School

    I remember Mt Donkesley big tall man, also remember Mass in School Hall, before church was built, was a Altar Boy myself when Fr Whelan was the priest. There was a assistance lady called Mrs Taylor i think small lady lived by the New Shops
  9. castalla

    W Poulton Pianos and Organs Store

    Think this pic was off flight deck of Ark Royal R09 in 1978, on her last deployment
  10. castalla

    Youngsters today and history

    So true of all above, but frustrating for those of us trying to trace our relatives now on web sites as we do not or know things from our relatives and as the years pass there is nobody to ask
  11. castalla

    St Wilfreds R C School

    I know i have posted this before but a year ago and with new members thought i would re post in case anybody out there or who knows some of these lads and lasses
  12. castalla

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Sorry to everyone where i got the name Pidgeon from in Selby road i don´t know must of come from somewhere
  13. castalla


    Wish i had some of my family from way back, nearest i have is a old faded copy of my parents wedding 1940.s and a photo of my dad about 1944
  14. castalla

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Thanks for your information, jwp in the 1947 Electrol Roll John & Ada are down as living in 49 Selby Grove when you lived next door to them in Beauchamp road in this year ¿
  15. castalla

    Online Electoral Rolls

    Thank you for that, as i said the Pidgeon family were not related to my Dad he was all most certainly a Lodger there when he came to live in Birmingham and met my Mom. Thank you LLoyd for that i knew of the 3 addresses but not the exact years, they were there apart from Ashbrook road where i...
  16. castalla

    The Valley pub, Billesley

    My Grandad used to use said pub he lived in Pendeen Road, he probally knew your Grandad
  17. castalla

    Birmingham butchers retail.

    I had a Saturday / Holiday job at Pitt the Butchers Stechford road late 60´s early 70´s
  18. castalla

    Florance B Ward

    Thank you
  19. castalla

    Alma Cresent

    Anybody got any photos or memorys or know of people who lived in Alma Cresent off Dollman St Nechells/ Duddeston area, found out records 1939 show my aunt lived at number 19 Alma Cresent, Florance B Ward nee White with her husband Charles H. Ward also at this address is a June Ward b 1925 and a...
  20. castalla

    Florance B Ward

    Looking for any info on my aunt Florance B Flynn, (maiden name White) previous married name Ward was married to Charles H Ward, who passed away in about 1940´s Lived in Alma Cresent nechells/Duddeston off Dolman street