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  1. oldbrit

    2 paintings replaced

    Great paintings love the Winters day one. great depth often wish I had kept at it.
  2. oldbrit


    WOW Another one Jean, Congrats have a good one from John the Old Brit cyclist
  3. oldbrit

    Memorial day in the USA

    This week end, we celebrate Memorial day in the USA.. Many of us on this forum, who no longer live in Brum, but in the USA, have a lot to be thankful for. The many American GIs that died helping us win WW2 THANK YOU AMERICA FOR YOUR HELP
  4. oldbrit

    ‘Thanks to diphtheria, a pushy Mum and an MP, we got a house ... and I got a future’

    Dad said that I almost died from Diphtheria when a was a baby, well I will 87 next month (I HOPE) I do remember measles think had that once also.
  5. oldbrit

    Memories of John “Ozzy” Osbourne

    That was on US TV sometime ago pretty funny in parts great shots of the USA is you are interested
  6. oldbrit

    Victoria Square

    I was working for Mr Bloye then, before I went in the RAF age 18 1951
  7. oldbrit


    Now in Colorado USA They are finding that the death toll, is way under what they had said. Politics rears its ugly head once again. Not that means, we should let our guard down, But we do need to get back on with our lives. This is bad, but then we are always faced with something or other...
  8. oldbrit


    Got good news from my 83 year old sister Joan, she is home now and has a carer looking after her, They had a VE day celeb for her at home. Good to see my dear sister is home and happy, after the scare at the Hospital, when she had been tested positive for the virus but had no symptoms. We had...
  9. oldbrit

    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    Hope and Glory movie says it all
  10. oldbrit

    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    We had good friends, our age, (Both now long gone). They lived in London during the blitz, Fred about my age during the war, went with his Dad to a scouts meeting, there was an air raid, when he and his Dad got home, the house had been hit by a V2 and demolished, killing his Mom and sister. I am...
  11. oldbrit

    Coastal Tour

    Is this what you are talking abiut?
  12. oldbrit

    V E & VJ Day 2020 celebrations

    I think this photo from the Very Lynn album is one of the best I have ever seen. Knowing that most of the survivor members of this group where nippers during WW2 like me, The utter dismay and frustration in the faces of the nippers in the photo to ME say it all.
  13. oldbrit

    Delivery slots

    I am 87 in June, interesting that here in the USA age does not count anymore. Every year, I get my teeth cleaned at the local dentist, I always get a recorded phone message to remind me a few days before This year NO bloody phone message, So I called them to see about my appointment they said...
  14. oldbrit


    Just to show how outdated places can be. The area we live the Pinery in Parker, Colorado USA Has covenants that prohibit hanging out washing on lines!! say it clutters up the area!
  15. oldbrit


    Washing? Thinking back to my dear Mom in the dark ages, before washing machines and dryers. What is even more surprising is that this was in England, bloody damp and wet England. How did she do it?. WE always had clean and dry clothes. I remember as a nipper, one of my jobs was handing mom the...
  16. oldbrit


    After almost 57 years with the same woman, my secret, is what is all the rage now SOCIAL DISTANCING!!! We have been doing that for years!!!! It WORKS!!!! HaHa!!!
  17. oldbrit


    Thing starting to get back to normal in Parker, Colorado. WE had over 700 deaths in Colorado. I have been riding my bike when I can but wear a mask going to the store etc.
  18. oldbrit

    Air Raid 1941 Alum Rock

    I will never forget this one in November 1940 this was just around the corner from our house in Yardley. I have posted this before so will not make any comments
  19. oldbrit

    Which is the quicker transport option to Walsall from Birmingham - bus or bike?

    Interesting about the cape, The early capes did NOT have thumb grips inside, Later ones had them and that avoided this from happening. I have ridden many many miles, "cape up lads" the ride leader would call.
  20. oldbrit

    Which is the quicker transport option to Walsall from Birmingham - bus or bike?

    #7 37.01 kph That is bloody fast, you on a MOTOR bike or Ebike?