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  1. farmerdave

    City Centre Photographs

    If you mean the St. Martins in the area of the Bull Ring, then that is a possibility. Would need to see benches for people to sit either inside the churchyard or just outside. Thanks. Dave.
  2. farmerdave

    City Centre Photographs

    Hi Jim. See post 145 of Central Fire Station HQ thread (page 8) as it mentions the National Cash Register building.
  3. farmerdave

    City Centre Photographs

    Hi Maurice. My first thought was that it looked like a churchyard but I know that on that day we did not go to Kings Heath. We did visit the Bull Ring, Aston University, Corporation Street, and some of the area around the Town Hall. A much greener Manzoni Gardens is a possibility but only if it...
  4. farmerdave

    City Centre Photographs

    The first photograph of some smiling elderly people, in colour, was taken by my son aged 17 in June 1987. We cannot remember where in the city centre it was and there are not many clues. I also took a rather dull black and white photograph of the same people but from a different direction. It...
  5. farmerdave

    Birmingham buses

    The two photographs of these Birmingham buses were taken within seconds of each other in June 1987. They were in the city centre but I cannot remember exactly where. The colour photograph is the better one of the buses but the black and white one may give a better idea of the location. The...
  6. farmerdave

    Stratford Road

    My confusion was that Greet Mill meadows were on the left of the Stratford Road bridge, going to town. I assumed they were on the right and therefore nearer to Greet. Do we know anything about Greet Mill?
  7. farmerdave

    Sparkhill Congregational Church

    My recollection is that the 32 and 37 went past the church and continued to Hall Green parade and beyond. The 1/1A and 31/31A went past the church and up Shaftmoor Lane to Acocks Green. I thought the 41 turned off at the Mermaid, from town, and went along the Warwick Road to Acocks Green.
  8. farmerdave

    Stratford Road

    Hi Maurice. There were definitely 3 or 4 shops before you reached Bromyard Road. I could see them when I joined the Stratford Road from Sarehole Road. Can't remember what kind of shops they were. They can be seen in the distance in photo 3 of #340 where we are looking towards Bromyard Road and...
  9. farmerdave

    Stratford Road

    Hi Ell. I'm assuming that the third photo (second one of the bridge) was taken on the opposite side compared to the first photo and is looking towards Shaftmoor Lane. It seems to show that we are entering Hall Green. I had never heard of Greet Mill meadow but must have gone past there, walking...
  10. farmerdave

    King Edwards Grammar School Camp Hill

    Thanks for the video. Tantalising glimpses of some of the masters. I left in July 1961 but recognise quite a few of them. Unveiling of the plaque to Tom Rogers, a previous headmaster, was very interesting. There was a clip of a Founders Day Service on October 12th 1962. I thought all the pupils...
  11. farmerdave

    Delivery slots

    We are having a parcel delivered by Hermes next week. But Hermes is huge (see photo taken in the early 1980s) so I don't know how it will get down our narrow, landlocked road. Dave.
  12. farmerdave

    Forward Statue

    I took this photo of the Forward statue in 2000. The red paint, presumably representing blood, is probably sending the message that the people of Birmingham shed blood while toiling to progress the advance of Birmingham as a manufacturing city. Like others have remarked, it does seem similar to...
  13. farmerdave

    The Girl From Guildford Street

    Hi Gina. Hope you are recovering from what must be a scary experience. Best wishes. Dave.
  14. farmerdave

    Stratford Road

    Thanks for all your help. First photo was definitely on the Stratford Road and it looks as if the second one was as well. I left Birmingham in 1967 but have been back fairly frequently. Found these photos when I was clearing out a cupboard. They were taken in 1987. I lived near the Stratford...
  15. farmerdave

    Stratford Road

    First photograph conveniently says Stratford Road but I'm not sure of the exact location. Could be Sparkbrook or Sparkhill. It was taken in 1987. The second photograph was taken on the same day and shows a run of shops, some of which look in need of repair. Not sure whether this is on the...
  16. farmerdave


    Is number 16, an ancient blackcurrant, Oldbury
  17. farmerdave


    Not allowing me to edit. Should be 15 Northfield
  18. farmerdave


    7. Small Heath 9 Bearwood 17 Northfield
  19. farmerdave

    Hall Green

    Hall Green Parade in 1987 looking away from town with Cubley Road on the right. Skidmore's the butchers is still there (I remember them from the 1950s and 60s). They have the second set of roller blinds from the left. Next to them and away from us is Paynes shoe repairs, followed by Threshers...
  20. farmerdave


    Apologies Lyn. It's nowhere near your birthday. But congratulations on reaching 29,999 posts! What an achievement!! If you reply to this you will reach the outstanding figure of 30,000. Well done and best wishes. Dave