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  1. kat

    Registration District

    Wonder if anyone can help with the meaning - 'Meriden Union' that appears on a birth certificate (1896) as the registration district?
  2. kat

    Coleshill Remembered by E Miler & C Hayfield

    Wonder if anyone has a copy of this book? It includes a photo of Walter & William Linforth outside their shop. I would like to see this. The book is not available on any website I have tried. Could anyone help with a photo?
  3. kat

    Western road u.d.??

    Hi I am trying to find out what the abbreviations in the 'Western Road U.D' mean. I am assuming that Western Road U.D. is a hospital??? I am taking the information from a death certificate issued in 1939 in the County of Borough of Birmingham. Can anyone shed light on this abbreviation...