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  1. aston lad

    Tommy Ball Murder

    I took this photo of his grave in April / May 2006....
  2. aston lad

    Big Brother or What

    Its a bit to late to worry about big brother....CCTV's everywhere you go, if you have a bank card, credit card, club card (tesco's nectar ) mobile phone, smart phone, smart tv, ipad, home phone and many other items then they already know enough about you..... I forgot the computer you use gives...
  3. aston lad

    Nechells Park Secondary Modern School Charles Arthur St School

    I knew I had one of the play ground as well....in fact I thought I had two.....if I do come across it I will post ....
  4. aston lad

    Nechells Park Secondary Modern School Charles Arthur St School

    These are the only ones I think I have of the school in question
  5. aston lad

    Looking for a photo which was printed in Carl Chinn's Evening Mail Column

    Hi Jim.....If its me you have posted this photo for , if so Thank you ...but its not the one....Lyn posted it sometime last year, the name of the pub was the Pump Taven, which was on the corner of Sutherland Street and Montague Street in Aston, it was taken in 1936, the baby in the photo is my...
  6. aston lad

    Looking for a photo which was printed in Carl Chinn's Evening Mail Column

    Wendy I have that photo....I will sort it out as soon as I can ....Apart from this brilliant forum, John Houghton and myself have a facebook page dedicated to Aston.....its called, Astonbrook-through -Aston Manor, also John Houghton has a website of the same name....
  7. aston lad

    Anyone recognise this building?

    I do not think it is a pub....I think its an outdoor the entrance door is on the side of the building , the front door belongs again I think to the shop next door which looks to me as drapers, same family running both business's ( is that spelt right )....I have checked the 1939 register but...
  8. aston lad

    Delivery slots

    For what Year ?
  9. aston lad

    Delivery slots

    Chris.....Keep checking the Morrison site, they add local delivers if they are in your area on a daily basis, I had to turn two down this week because I am having a delivery from Asda tomorrow....but keep checking, I have been able to book deliveries for the next two weeks.....keep safe ....
  10. aston lad


    Yes I think it was...or there about....Dean Close is one of the roads built on the old site ...
  11. aston lad

    Delivery slots

    I was lucky to obtain a slot from Asda this morning for next week, and Morrison''s for the week after that....I have just checked out to see if I could book a slot a little further in advance but couldn't, but I did notice that Morrisons had slots for today and tomorrow which a few days ago were...
  12. aston lad

    Pub Quiz [5]

    Crossways Kingstanding ..
  13. aston lad

    Where is this ?

    Would it be Bristol Railway Station....now that you think it is Bristol.....
  14. aston lad

    Castle Inn Church Lane Aston

    Well in 1908 he was a Beer Retailer at number 2 Bright Street Aston.....Also I cannot find a Castle Inn in Church Lane in 1908, 1913..., he may have had the idea of turning his beer retailer into The Castle .....he did died quiet wealthy in 1957, leaving a few thousand pounds to his son's....
  15. aston lad


    Hope you don't me adding some colour to your photo Michael... via myheritage
  16. aston lad

    Pubs Of The Past

    I don't know if this pub has been posted on here before....The Royal Oak which was on the corner of Park lane and Clarendon Street.....taken around 1969/1970
  17. aston lad

    High Street Aston

    Sorry its a bit late....but here is Burlington Hall when it was The Beaconsfields Hotel ( not sure of the year )
  18. aston lad

    High Street Aston

    Sorry its off subject..but here is another photo of Burlington Hall, I do have another one before it became the Burlington some where in my collection...
  19. aston lad

    High Street Aston

    Great Photo Lyn. I have never seen this one before.....I cannot remember that side of the high street at all, I am sure most if not all of the side of the road was knocked down in the late 1950's earlier 1960's.I was wondering about the bus myself, it looks like its turning into the high street...