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  1. devonjim

    Bagot arms

    Remember when a Birmingham Mail seller would work in the evening from the central reservation in the third picture. He would sell to the drivers of the cars held up at the junction, nimbly moving from car to car. Must have been 1980's I guess.
  2. devonjim

    In the Garden 2020

    At the beginning of the month some guy on the radio said to help bees not to cut the lawn for the month of May. Any excuse to get out of a chore! Yesterday sat and listened to the bees and watched them enjoy my crop of daisies and buttercups.
  3. devonjim

    Railway infrastructure and engineering development

    Interesting series of programmes on "Yesterday" FreeView25 "The Architecture that the railways built". Episode tonight 11.00pm.
  4. devonjim

    City Centre Photographs

    Does this post from "Two" mean that the National CashRegister was on the corner of Bailey Street and not Steelhouse Lane? ie North of Loveday Street.
  5. devonjim

    Hall Green Technical College

    Went to a lecture at Cadbury's by Mr Sheppard-Fidler about design of Birmingham Council houses. Probably 1958 or thereabouts. Was a pupil at Hall Green Tech very early 1960's Did a NEBBS management course followed by a City & Guilds in engineering or maybe the other way around.
  6. devonjim

    City Centre Photographs

    Here's another "where could this be", lots of clues, but they don't stir my little grey cells.
  7. devonjim

    Situation Comedy

    Haven't been completely through this thread but I did do a search and was surprised not to find Kelly Monteith, loved his TV show, was it in the 80's? Even saw him at the Hippodrome. Lots on You Tube.
  8. devonjim

    Windows 10

    Gosh, Jim you talk my language. I assume you use Windows10 as you are on this page, what I do is to do a screen dump then use the "Photos" editing tool to extract the portion I need, works for me.
  9. devonjim

    Windows 10

    Re. Touch pad driver diagnostics. Thanks for all the advice. Must admit to being apprehensive about "fiddling". Laptop does it automatic monthly update and I carry on using it as before! Anyway this diagnostic was becoming a nuisance so I read the advice proffered and the whole problem...
  10. devonjim

    Street Name Origins

    I can but quote from Carl Chinn:-This may take it's name from a pool where docks or water lilies grew, and it is interesting to note that there was a Dogge Lane mentioned near to the present Hazelwood Road in 1580. Certainly there is a pool in the vicinity just to the west of the river Rea and...
  11. devonjim

    Silversmith- Thomas Henry Manton - James Manton

    Alright it was twelve years since this thread was last used. But I work on the principle that on BHF someone will know the answer to just about anything. I don't believe that this has any link to Birmingham, but I found this, shall we say white metal dish which I like, for all of 10p in a local...
  12. devonjim

    Where to find out how a street got its name?

    Do you remember the track behind the houses in Vera Rd., opposite the park in Moat Lane, by the bus stop. I'm being told it was called "Woodbank" Is that right? I always thought it was just an access to an allotment site. I thought I know a man who will know!
  13. devonjim

    Windows 10

    As I've said before I don't do anything complicated on any computer so get surprised when something different starts to happen. What is TouchPad Driver Diagnostics all about? Seems to be dumping stuff in Documents folder. Why? No idea why it started to appear. Can it be stopped? Thanks in...
  14. devonjim

    Kirby family (between 1891 and 1911)

    Don't think our Kirby branch is related to any of the above. 1911 Census found them at 64 Church Lane, Aston. William Kirby 43 Janet Letitia Kirby 43 (Nee While) Eva Dorothy Kirby 16 William Norman Kirby 15 Lawrence Victor Kirby 13 Reginald John Kirby 11 Janet Elizabeth Kirby 10 James Frederick...
  15. devonjim


    Just to pull this thread back to the top of the heap. I managed to sort out a couple of family pictures of VE Day which introduces the fact that at that time Birmingham was the recipient of evacuees.
  16. devonjim

    Congreve Street

    Looking along Gt Charles St.?
  17. devonjim

    Congreve Street

    Not sure if this is in the correct thread. I can't place where it is. Looks like Baskerville House in the background.Anyone put me out of my misery!
  18. devonjim

    Delivery slots

    We do have a thirty minute collection slot . Thank you guys! I'll let you know next week.
  19. devonjim

    Delivery slots

    I have my first ever click and collect slot coming up. Can I include frozen goods on the shopping list. Is there some way these items are kept cold.
  20. devonjim

    Birmingham. Tree city of the World!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000hghz Radio 4 programme at an early hour this morning!