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  1. sospiri

    D-Day to Germany - a US War Correspondents View

    This is an illustrated lecture given by a US war correspondent sometime after the war and held in the National Archives. Footage of London, Plymouth, D-Day Utah Beach landings, Mont St Michel, a liberated Paris when there were still snipers taking pot-shots at you, Edward G. Robinson over to...
  2. sospiri

    Then & Now - Roy Wood

    Just came across this - it may have been on here before but the search engine reveals nothing. Enjoy......... Maurice :cool:
  3. sospiri

    Drummer Neil Peart (Rush) dies

    So sad to hear that drummer Neil Peart has died at the early age of 67 from brain cancer. R.I.P. Full details here:- https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/?fbclid=IwAR1OQ43zLtosGlIp5qXUOGB83Fvzzg6YILFoa6khnqm21IKBffDoX18XL3s Maurice :cool:
  4. sospiri

    Memorial to P/O Stanley R. Streeter & St Martins Church

    A former Moseley Grammar School pupil, Stanley Streeter, was in a Mosquito piloted by Sqn Ldr Ken Sutton, which was returning to base over Brighton when he was mortally wounded by friendly fire. Sutton managed to eject and survived, but Streeter was still in their blazing aircraft when it...
  5. sospiri

    ARP Decontamination Sqn

    In the 1939 Register for Tiverton Road, Longbridge, one of my very distance relations has the subsidiary note alongside his entry which says ARP Decontamination Sqn. I am guessing that this presumably refers to a possible threat of a gas attack and someone who was specifically trained /...
  6. sospiri

    Brickmaking in Birmingham

    We don't appear to have a general industrial section, so I'll stick this enquiry here. Browsing my Alan Godfrey maps, I found that the Sparkhill & Greet 1903 map had two current brickworks and two disused brickworks on that one map. Burbary and Greet were current, and Tyseley and what appears...
  7. sospiri

    Pop Musicians Backstage in the 1970s

    By courtesy of Esquire Magazine, here are 50 photos of British & American pop musicians backstage in the 1970s:- https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/music/g13810806/musicians-backstage-in-the-1970s-the-photos/?utm_source=flipboard_arb&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=arb_fb_flip_m_u_g13810806 Maurice
  8. sospiri

    Alston Street, Ladywood

    Mike, Would you kindly publish a map showing number 12 Alston Street. My father's mother and siblings lived here between 1909 and 1959 and the houses at this end of the road were demolished for road widening enabling Ladywood Circus and Ladywood Middleway to be created. Photographs of this end...
  9. sospiri

    Hollier Street

    This street seems to have long since disappeared and is only mentioned five times according to the search engine, so this is primarily aimed at our map expert, Mikejee, and I'm specifically looking for House 2 Court 2 and the family NAVEN. Any pictures other than the pub on the corner of Darwin...
  10. sospiri

    14 Station Road, Edgbaston In 1911

    This may well be one for Mikejee, though others may know. I have DURAND and WOOD ancestors living at this address on the 1911 Census. When the railway branch line closed down in 1934, did Station Road become Station Avenue? The houses in the latter look about the right age. If so, were the...
  11. sospiri

    Wills & Probate - Another Source

    I think that many of us are aware of the Find-A-Will probate source here:- https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/#wills But not everyone may be aware that there are also over half a million Wills & Probate Notices on the London Gazette site here:- https://www.thegazette.co.uk/wills-and-probate...
  12. sospiri

    Secret Printer Tracking Dots

    Well they were more or less secret until this appeared on BBC News:- https://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170607-why-printers-add-secret-tracking-dots Maurice
  13. sospiri

    Wdytya? Live To Close Its Doors

    Not sure where to put this, but just received this email:- WDYTYA? LIVE to close its doors Immediate Media, the organisers of the annual family history event, have announced that it will come to an end after ten years for financial reasons Maurice
  14. sospiri

    Forgotten Army Dog Tags

    Three years ago near an ex-anti arcraft gun post in Essex a group of metal detectorists, known as Extreme Relic Hunters, unearthed over 14,000 metal dog tags belonging to WW2 amd post-WW2 soldiers. Ever since then, efforts have been made to return these to their rightful owners or their next of...
  15. sospiri

    Ww1 Army Medical Categories

    The following link may help you if you are wondering why your ancestor served in this war yet did not appear in the Medal Rolls, or if you are dealing with service records from the Burnt Records Collection and are not sure whether the ancestor went abroad or not. If his medical category has...
  16. sospiri

    Yates Street

    I believe this street now ceases to exist and the only photograph I have found is labelled "Bad locality". That I can well believe. My relations, the SEDGWICKs, were self-employed curriers at number 5 and I remember Garibaldi SEDGWICK, ("Uncle Gal") telling me stories when I was a boy of how the...
  17. sospiri

    The Beehive Pub, 153 Unett Street

    Hi all, but especially mikejee, I'm posting this for an old friend, Cerisa Pierpoint, who has just joined the Forum. Has anyone got any information about this pub in the period immediately prior to 1897 when the landlord, William Mealing, passed away. Maps, pictures or any information would be...
  18. sospiri

    Inserting URLs

    Has anyone else had problems with this recently? Insert a URL and despite adding spaces and carriage returns, the rest of the text gets put into blue or purple and underlined and you can't stop it. Even posting and going into Edit Post does not remove it! It's only starting to occur over the...
  19. sospiri

    Maurice POLLACK 1885-1918 Childhood actor

    I'll be adding much more to this in due course, but for now I'll briefly summarise that he was born in Birmingham of European parents and was killed in World War One. His father was a pianist and his mother an actress, the latter forming a childhood actors' group in Harborne. Maurice also knew...
  20. sospiri

    Bridges over the River Cole

    As far as I am aware there is no single thread covering the various bridges over the River Cole, so in order to get this historical information into one place, I am starting this new thread. The Stratford Road bridge near the College Arms pub was part of my childhood for ten years or so, as it...