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    On the subject of ink, when I bought my recent new HP printer (Envy5646) I took up their offer of an ink contract, costs £1.99 a month for fifty pages a month (there are options for those who need more) the machine tells them when ink is needed and it comes in the post before it runs out...
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    In the Garden 2020

    It's next door's grandson's car, hasn't moved from the spot for about three years. Mine's the silver estate .
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    In the Garden 2020

    The outlook from my upstairs windows, some real gardeners and some just keep it tidy.............then me.:)
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    Help on area.

    I wonder if that's the cop I nearly ran over on my errand bike. :) Can't remember exactly where but I was coming down a rather steep slope and couldn't stop.
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    Maurice, looking through the paperwork for this I found in the 1939 register that my cousin Victor, (Biddle the chemist), was living with my grandparents in the Potters Hill court. Any chance you would have known him as a boy?
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    I think you might have cracked it Maurice, I have a Henry Edward Taylor in my tree born 1861 died 1920 he has a son George but I don't have his dates. I'll have a look at the census, there are more children named
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    Kingstanding settlement

    We used to go to the boys club there, pretty informal at the time, they entered a team in a sports event in Perry Bar park. told me to do the high jump and some of the running, can't think which now but I know I was no good at either and didn't know the rules. In the running I was flagging...
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    Occupations - Disappeared

    My mother used to talk about one of her uncles who was a lamplighter, I've been trying to find out more about him but I'm struggling because I don't know which part of the family he came from. He could be a Taylor or a Coughlin, those are direct family names but he could also be an in-law from...
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    13 Adelaide Terrace, Erskine Street

    Is that a mistake in the spelling? Should it be Adelaide..........no r.
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    malkin of coventry road sheldon.

    I sold my house in Great Barr in 1965 to a young Malkin family
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    In the Garden 2020

    Thanks, now you mention it I think that's what it is. I might come back with other queries later, I have a bad habit of planting stuff and not noting down what. ;)
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    I remember The Candy Stores from when I was a young boy during the war, they used to sell off ration sweets that were not very sweet.:)
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    Broad St. garage

    After my time Carolina, I visited a few times on my trips to Brum but on the last occasion it had all gone and there was a carpet shop in its place.
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    Chamberlain King And Jones, Cabinet Makers

    Thanks Morturn I'll see if I can find anything.
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    Chamberlain King And Jones, Cabinet Makers

    While we're talking cabinet makers, does anyone know if there's a register of apprentices for the trade? My dad did a full cabinet makers apprenticeship but at the end couldn't find work in the trade and spent all his working life in engineering, woodworking remained a hobby for him. I've...
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    In the Garden 2020

    Can someone put a name to this, I should know because I planted it many years ago. I has vicious thorns but every year it's filled with birds,
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    Situation Comedy

    Have a go was, I'm told once at the Clearwell village hall, my old friend here, a villager born and bred, always said Wilfred Pickles wasn't a very nice man. (Don't know why.) His pianist was of course the lady who played Ena Sharples in Corrie.
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    Delivery slots

    My shop closed in 1984 and the village post office closed when the lady running it retired. When I moved there in 1965 we had a look around to see what the competition was, we found eleven 'open all hours' type shops within a mile radius of the place, all are gone. Clearwell where my business...
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    Windows 10

    Got an invite to download the new Windows Edge this morning, seems like a big improvement, lots more to learn again but I think it will be worthwhile.
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    Delivery slots

    When we were running the village shop the problem we had was with the suppliers of stuff like pork pies etc. The supermarkets bullied the piemen into removing stuff that was getting close to the sell by date and if you didn't watch closely they would dump it on the small shops. The other...