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  1. Ann Steiner

    Bullocks Mill on Cliveland Street

    Wonder if anyone knows what this place was. I found it while looking through the 1855 Birmingham City Directory for a x3 great-grandfather. He was a wood turner. I found him listed at Ct 7, on Cliveland St., 275 New Town row. The numbers start from the beginning at 16 with one resident...
  2. Ann Steiner

    Early Architectural Renderings

    I don't know if this information has been posted before or not, so sorry if it's a repeat. In looking for possible photos of an old building in Birmingham today I bumped into the following website that was quite interesting. https://archiseek.com When you bring up the home page, if you...
  3. Ann Steiner

    Sheepcote Lane question

    I think I know the answer to this, but just want to check to make sure. Sheepcote Lane and Sheepcote Street are one in the same, correct? Ann
  4. Ann Steiner

    Missing from cesus returns -- another conundrum

    Amongst the many puzzles being encountered since getting back to my research are people missing from census counts. In the 1841 census I believe I have 2x grt-grandfather Thomas T. Harman in the Thornbury Union Workhouse, age 15, in Gloucestershire. I have Elizabeth Craddock, his...
  5. Ann Steiner

    Irish birth

    Not sure if this is the proper spot to post this, but here goes: According to the 1861 Birmingham area census, one of my 2x great-grandfather's children, the youngest, was born in Wexford County, Ireland (about 1859). Prior to that year (census-wise) and following, they lived in Birmingham...
  6. Ann Steiner

    Electoral roll look-up(s)

    Have had to take a break from research for quite a long time, due to various reasons, but hopefully can get back into the thick of things now for a bit. I'll start out with one that has had me stumped for some time. My great-grandmother disappears from what records I've been able to access...
  7. Ann Steiner

    In Search of England

    I don't know if this book has been mentioned before, but if not, I would recommend In Search of England, by Henry Morton. (It was originally published in 1927 and has been reprinted.) I'm well into it and enjoying it thoroughly. The author's writing style is lovely and the descriptions of...
  8. Ann Steiner

    Downed German aircraft

    Is there a website or list anywhere that chronicles German aircraft downed during the war in the Birmingham area -- locations of where they crashed? Ann
  9. Ann Steiner

    Where is/was Rose Mount Street?

    I've sent for a number of maps from Alan Godfrey and love looking through them, seeing the areas where my people used to live. I've found most of the streets, but there are a few that I'm either overlooking, or maybe were gone by the time the maps were printed. Rather than list them all at...
  10. Ann Steiner

    The Gardner girls

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes...... Would anyone happen to have known the Gardner girls, who lived on Conybere when they were young? Their names were Doreen E., and Patricia J. Their father's name was Sam, and their mother's was Doris (Dolly). They were...
  11. Ann Steiner

    Highbridge Road, Sutton Coldfield

    A little while back members were able to tell me about one neighborhood my grandfather lived in as a child, in Gravelly Hill, Erdington -- that it was a nice area. What about this address, where the family moved next? Ivyside, Highbridge Road, Sutton Coldfield. Was this perhaps a similar...
  12. Ann Steiner

    Finding divorce decree/record

    My great-grandmother married a man by the name of Brinkworth in 1894; I have a copy of the marriage certificate (St. Thomas parish). There were two children born to them through 1896 (one in St. Martin, the other in Aston); I have copies of their birth certificates also. She was pregnant when...
  13. Ann Steiner

    Merchants Service sailor

    I've found an ancestor whose occupation is listed as a "sailor -- Merchants Service" in 1872. Does anyone know where I might find records pertaining to this line of work? I know it wouldn't be the same as a military type sailor enlisted in the Navy, but are there perhaps lists of rosters...
  14. Ann Steiner

    Yardley Rd City Hospital

    I finally found someone I've been looking for, in the 1901 census. They were in hospital at the time of the survey, and died just two or three months following. The writing on the census register is difficult to read, but I believe it says "Yardley Rd. City Hospital". It's in the civil...
  15. Ann Steiner

    Workhouse question

    Recently members were kind enough to help me in looking up info on my gr-gr-grandfather Edwin, along with his mother and younger brother John in the 1871 census. Their mother was a widow, and Edwin was unemployed. Two forum members wrote that "they were in the workhouse". I've been trying...
  16. Ann Steiner

    Brown saddler

    My gr-gr-grandfather is listed as a "brown saddler" in the 1881 census. I understand what a saddler is, but have never heard the term "brown" used with it before. I looked it up on a couple different occupation sites, but all they listed were plain saddlers. Does anyone have a clue as to what...
  17. Ann Steiner

    marriage look-up Brinkworth/Harrison

    I'm hoping someone might have access to records, or the ability to find more marriage information for me. I was able to find out this much thus far: my great-grandmother Martha Jane Harrison married Thomas Brinkworth in 1894. They are recorded in the Birmingham register, for...
  18. Ann Steiner

    Christening look-up -- Martha Jane Harrison

    I wonder if someone could please check on a christening that Di told me about -- 2nd January, 1873 for a Martha Jane Harrison? If this is the correct name for that date, were the parents' names Edwin and Jane Harrison? Any other pertinent information provided as well? Thank you. Ann
  19. Ann Steiner

    Jevons and Mellor Draper

    Jevons and Mellor Draper Seeing so many great old photos of Birmingham on the forum, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me where I might look or inquire about the possibility of a photo existing of the draper firm of Jevons and Mellor. I know they were in business for quite a while, as my...
  20. Ann Steiner

    Harrison Jane

    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find the maiden name (and hopefully her parents’ names) of my Gr-great grandmother. What I know about her to this point is: First name: Jane Born: about 1852 in Birmingham/Warwickshire Married: Edwin Harrison (born 1849) (Died possibly...