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    I was thinking last night about my tree and remembered that my parents, when they married lived in 'digs' at the home of a man named Abrams or Abrahams. I'm not sure but it might have been in or near Tower Road. I have an idea that my brother Allen born in December 1932 was born there and my...
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    Is there a problem?

    Site seems to have got in a tangle this morning, wading through treacle to get logged in and moves around. No problem on other sites.
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    'Out work'

    My mother had several different out work jobs when we were kids, anything to earn a few bob whilst she was at home looking after us. One job was putting the curls on the end of badge or tie pins, 3d a thousand. They gave her a little tool which meant picking up a pin, putting it in a slot...
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    One for you bus enthusiasts.

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    What happened to Uncle Jim?

    My uncle Jim, James Biddle married to my dad's sister Ada Gibson, worked at Fort Dunlop, I recall an aunt tapping our front window and whispering to mom that he had died at work but I never thought any more about it until recently. So was he killed in a works accident or a natural sudden death...
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    This lady

    is going to be 100 years old shortly. I've been invited to a tea party to celebrate the event, the photo was attached to the invite, it's only 3"x2" and quite dark, I thought it would be nice to fix it up and colour it if possible and hand it to her, any volunteers? The uniform is RAF I think...
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    Victor Biddle

    I've been trying without any luck to find my cousin Victor's WW2 service record, he was a medic in the Royal Navy. Ancestry had a free search this week end on military stuff but I couldn't find him under Victor Biddle or Victor James Biddle (his full name), maybe it's me.
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    Take him out.

    I wonder if one of you photo experts could take my old friend with his wheelbarrow out of this photo, I need a photo of the High Street and the cottage I've had a go myself without much success. .
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    Mary Gibson nee Mann

    I have this lady B1789 in my tree as the first wife of Peter Gibson B1791, M. 16/11/1815 Harbury Warkws. I have their marriage information, her death at aged 34 buried 10th June 1823 at St Philip Birmingham. I can find, so far, nothing more about her, the death record shows her abode as...
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    1958 Birmingham scenes

    I've not seen these before, have they been on?
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    Irish in your tree?

    I've not seen this before but it might be of interest to many on here. https://www.aletterfromireland.com/about/
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    Telephones, Not Sure If This Has Come Up Before.

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    Lindley Road

    I found my in-laws at 159 Lindley Road in the 1939 register, so where was Lindley Road? I recall my wife saying they lived in Ashted before moving to Kingstanding but can't find the road on today's maps so I guess it's long gone.
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    Peter Gibson B 1791

    This is where I'm stuck, I got back as far as Peter Gibson born 1791, in the 1841 census living in Ryland Street with his wife Harriet and family. Some time ago I found Harriet Hurlstone born in Staffordshire and have her as his wife but I can't remember how I got there and I may have been...
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    A Name Puzzle

    I had, may still have, twin cousins, I've been looking for them in the various record searches. I found cousin Ken Gibson born last quarter of 1935 in Birmingham but couldn't find his twin sister Alma Gibson, after spending many hours searching I think I found her listed as Elina R Gibson, the...
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    My grandfather Thomas William Gibson of Barton's Bank, Aston has his occupation listed as silversmith, other members of his family are also listed as silversmiths or jewellers, is there any way of finding who they were employed by?
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    New to me

    Just came across this site, maybe you already know of it but just in case.. https://www.geograph.org.uk/
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    Looking for something else I came across this, not Birmingham but might be of interest to some. E. https://www.wartimememories.co.uk/photos1.html
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    A possible?

    Looking for something else in Google I put in the search box Dear Dad + War, all sorts of things came up but there were a lot like this: I just thought there may be a lead for some people in pages like this as names pop up in the letters home that may be of interest to family researchers. E...
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    Has this site been mentioned here before?