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  1. rowan

    Two Ladies At A Bus Stop Photograph

    Hi everyone, There was a photograph of two ladies standing at a bus stop in the forum but sadly I can't remember where. It was a large photo taken about 1950s. I don't know where to start looking. I was hoping it was in Nechells/ Alum Rock area and I think they were off to town. I know it a...
  2. rowan

    Prisoners Of War In Austria Ww2

    I am interested in Klagenfurt Austria in the mid 1940's as my Mother worked there after the war. I was browsing Google for Klagenfurt and came across this interesting site. KLAGENFURT...
  3. rowan

    Horne And Keen

    Tucked away in my old book of Birmingham Ballads was this little treasure but I don't know who they are!!! Lillian Keen and Horace Horne. It looks like a gift card or some such thing.
  4. rowan

    Uploading Pictures

    I want to and have tried to upload a few newspaper cutting from 1968 & 1992 that will be of interest to you all but it just keeps telling me that they are too big and I don't know how to make them smaller, any help would be appreciated :))
  5. rowan

    Tan-sad Perambulators

    In doing some family history I found a Great Uncle went to America as a rep for Tan-Sad perambulators in 1924. Can anyone tell me please where this factory was? An interesting point to add is that a pram used by my Mother for us 3 children (from 1937, 1940 & 1951) was a Tan-Sad so maybe Great...
  6. rowan

    A Good Read

    At the moment I am reading "Bread, Jam and a Borrowed Pram" by Dot May Dunn. Set in 1958 Aston it tells the life of a newly qualified Health Visitor. For all you old Astonians it will bring back memories I should imagine.
  7. rowan

    Mrs Roberts

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am trying to find out about a MRS ROBERTS living at 15, Wells Road, Sheldon in 1940. She arranged the funeral of Harry Bott who was killed on the night of November 1940 after his wife and daughters were killed. Harry was from Gooch Street. I am...
  8. rowan

    Have You Come For Dinner?

    look whose come for dinner tonight!! Sooty was none too pleased when bird kept knocking at the window.
  9. rowan

    An old photograph of Brum

    I had posted this on the forum before it was hacked and I found it again today so I thought I would repost it. I have tried to post it on the new forum but I seem to be doing something wrong!! Can someone please identify where this is? It was amongst my late mother's pictures and she did work...
  10. rowan

    School Records

    My Mother was born 1917 and lived in Nechells until she was about 11 when her parents moved to Ward End. She never spoke a lot about her past but I remember her saying that she went to Leigh Road School. Are there any records of pupils attending there that far back? Also what school would...
  11. rowan

    Tangye Soliciitors

    I have learnt that my Mother worked for a Mr Tangye solicitor somewhere in Birmingham. She must have been working for him 1943- 1945 as he helped her get my brother & me into Sir Josiah Mason Orphanage & I was admitted in mid 1945. I would be interested on where about the firm was etc. Thank you
  12. rowan

    Three little kittens have found our hearts ................

    In March this year we befriended a little black cat who turned out to be pregnant & in May she produced 3 little kittens, one black like his Mom another silver grey striped and finally a little tortie. Now 6 months on we have 4 cats. It has been 6 years since we lost our beloved Stripey &...
  13. rowan

    A 1940's Childhood by James Marsh

    A great read............. written as a child remembers the fun had in the midst of the horror of war
  14. rowan

    This years brood

    Another year.................... another brood. Mr & Mrs Gull have had 2 young ones this year both are thriving and being a pain squawking at 5am. So along with the cockerel in the allotment opposite us, the 3x10 week old kittens we are shattered by evening and just need our bed. peace will...
  15. rowan

    Wartime Memories of a 6 year old boys diary

    I don't know if this has been posted before but it is a very interesting account of a small lad.........enjoy https://brianwilliams.org.uk/index.html
  16. rowan

    The Girls' Battalion

    The Girls' Battalion. By Beatrice Perry. 501, Warwick Road, Greet Hill Birmingham. We are the new battalion, Fighting in the fray, We are helping the men in khaki To keep the foe at bay. We rise in the early morning And toil till the shadows fall: Thankful that we've been trusted To answer...
  17. rowan

    Ideal Publicity Co

    Sorting out drawers I came across this pencil in a brass holder. On the sides is imprinted. Ideal Publicity Co. 18 & 19 Arcade Chambers Corporation Street. B'Ham Please, can anyone tell me about this company as I am intrigued. Thank you. .
  18. rowan

    The Rivals

    An article in the Daily Mail 'Missing and Found' regarding someone looking for the Birmingham Pop Group "The Rivals" Dennis Burgess is looking for his fellow group members Eric Seaton, lead guitar and George Morton, drummer. Dennis called himself Sonny Rhy. They came from West Heath. Maybe...
  19. rowan

    SMITH Samuel Ernest

    Samuel Ernest Smith was born 3rd November 1874. His parents are Samuel Smith & Emily Rigby (They didn't get married until 1891 :rolleyes:). Samuel Ernest joined up in 1894 Connaught Rangers Royal Irish Fusiliers, he was 19yrs 2mths. I cannot, for life of me find him in a census 1881 or 1891...
  20. rowan

    Photo Clean up Please

    Please can someone clean up this photograph for me please? Many thanks in advance