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  1. Mrs T

    Stockland Inn Hotel

    I took these photos today, the pub will now be know as the Village Green, it will be a Flaming Grill Family Pub, owned by The Spirit group. Meant to be opening end of July/early August.
  2. Mrs T

    Stockland Inn Hotel

    Bit of an up-date about "The Stockland" The Chinese Restaurant (Modern China) that it became closed down a while ago, the building was left alone...until last week when planning permission went up on the doors, seeking permission for a few alterations to able it to be used again as a pub :-)
  3. Mrs T

    Erdington Grammar

    Connie Lucas was my lovely aunt, sadly she passed away a few years ago.
  4. Mrs T

    St Barnabas Church Erdington

    The church yesterday. Wooden fencing down,grounds are been sorted out.
  5. Mrs T

    Do You Have Any Up To Date Pics Of Your Pets

    Re Ruby's socks,they were odd ones of my son's...or so I thought. Guess what Alex found this morning lol
  6. Mrs T

    Do You Have Any Up To Date Pics Of Your Pets

    Latest pic of Ruby,had sore paws due to some cuts,all better now though :)
  7. Mrs T

    Sutton Park

    My friends daughter is over from New Zealand,and over the weekend they went to Sutton Park and came across the cows that roam there. She baffled him with a simple question: Why are their cows there? We have googled but couldn't come up with an answer...... Over to you guys :-)
  8. Mrs T

    St Barnabas Church Erdington

    https://news.bbc.co.uk/local/birmingham/hi/people_and_places/newsid_9392000/9392084.stm Has details about the re-build and the open day.
  9. Mrs T

    Hidson rd/ Woolmore rd Erdington date built

    I walk round those roads most days with the dog,it's a nice stroll :-)
  10. Mrs T

    King Kong Statue

    More on King Kong in today Birmingham Mail https://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/02/01/birmingham-s-king-kong-campaign-goes-bananas-97319-28088991/
  11. Mrs T

    King Kong Statue

    King Kong... This is from todays Birmingham Mail: https://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/01/25/king-kong-statue-could-be-heading-back-to-birmingham-97319-28046951/ I remember my Uncle rounding up all my cousins and taking us up Town to see him.
  12. Mrs T

    Brookvale Park & Witton Lakes

    I dread to imagine what they would find in it now if it was dredged......shudder.
  13. Mrs T


    Glad the helmet was worn lol
  14. Mrs T

    Palmer/Bowyer- help please

    Sarah in 1871 ?? Name:Sarah Bowyer Age:25 Estimated birth year:abt 1846 Relation:Wife Spouse's name:William Bowyer Gender:Female Where born:Sattley, Warwickshire, (Saltley) William Bowyer27 (Lawyer?) Sarah Bowyer25 George Bowyer2 Norman Bowyer23 Mary Ann Hickie25 Elizabeth Rahner16
  15. Mrs T


    Pension Record Name:Major Albert Chiles Estimated birth year:abt 1872 Age at Enlistment:19 Birth Parish:Birmingham Birth County:Warwickshire Document Year:1891 Regimental Number:2387
  16. Mrs T


    ? Name:Major Albert Chiles Estimated birth year:abt 1871 Age at Enlistment:46 Residence:166 Arden Rd, Saleby B'hm Document Year:1917 Regimental Number:325797
  17. Mrs T

    Arthur and Harriet Esther Craythorn 1901 census

    Had a look but the only one I could find that would fit is the one that you (??) edited?
  18. Mrs T

    The crooked house..himley

    Yes Jean will be going back,been twice this year so far. It's ok for the kids too,small playground there which they enjoy as much as the quirky pub :-)
  19. Mrs T

    The crooked house..himley

    A taste of the very tasty food...Fish and Chips,Warm Chicken Salad,Bread and butter pudding with a advocaat laced custard,warm chocolate tart with amaretto ice cream.
  20. Mrs T

    The crooked house..himley

    There isn't a pool table anymore,well I didn't see one. The room where the kids were rolling marbles is on the right as you go in,you have to push the door up to open it......large room at the rear where we ate. Food was lovely,expensive but well worth it.