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  1. Pomgolian

    Norma Smullen

    It is with great sadness I would like to let members of this group know that Norma Smullen has passed away after a few months illness. I know some members of this group would have met with Norma when she came over from the US to attend the 'Get-together ' the Forum had around 2008 (I think it...
  2. Pomgolian

    Hi everyone from Pom

    Hi everyone said before just able to pop in from time to time. To keep you up to date Colin and I are now G/Grandparents to a little chap named Hunter born May 2018. I am doing ok, but Colin has been diagnosed with Genetic Ataxia ... Essential Tremor Syndrome. He can no longer drive and finds...
  3. Pomgolian

    141 Rocky Ln

    Hi everyone I am looking for any history at all for the site of 141 Rocky Lane prior to 2008/9... things such as who, or what business' occupied the site over the years... how long has it there and has it always just been one site and one business? The site is very close to 'The Railway' bridge...
  4. Pomgolian

    To help decipher 'Old Hand Writing...'

    click on image to enlarge. I have had a request to repost this image to help a member to decipher writing on a 'Birth Cert' '. Hope it helps...
  5. Pomgolian

    I received some sad news today....

    Just to let those who have been following the saga of My Mom over the last few years, that she passed away around 11:30 - 11:45 pm on Sunday the 2nd of Jan 2011. She was taken ill on Thursday 30th December 2010 with a chest infection that she was unable to fight and recover from. R.I .P Mom...
  6. Pomgolian

    Looking for info' on Bullock/Spittle/ Hampton

    I need help here please, I'm looking for Esther ? family, Sarah Bullock's family, and William Hampton's family if possible please. This is old information sent to me by a cousin about 9 years ago, she said at the time she found records of them in both St Martin and St Phillips Churches...
  7. Pomgolian

    For Ray Barrett ... School Photo

    Hi Ray not sure if you have ever asked , however I have had a go at restoring your school photo the one that you posted on one of the threads. I even fixed the teachers face, not sure if it looks like him however I went by what the half that was left looked like.... Hope it's ok ?
  8. Pomgolian

    Who did you have on your bedroom wall... ?

    I answered this question on another site and then thought I'd challenge our members... on my bedroom wall when I was growing up were: Elvis Presley, James Dean, Billy Fury, Cliff Richard and Richard Chamberlain As my sister and I shared a bedroom we also had 'The 1957 Busby Babes' on the wall...
  9. Pomgolian

    58 Howe St ??? Was there a Pub there?

    Ok here's my problem... Could someone tell me the name of a Pub that may have been situated at this address 58 Howe St, or remember hearing about some kind of Beer outlet that was there please? On the 1855 Kelly's list it just says that it was a Beer Retailer and my family were very helpful...
  10. Pomgolian

    My Generation....!

    Went to see ''The Who' on tour last weekend in Auckland.... Brilliant :) Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend were great and very funny. :grinsmile: Zak Starkey was just brilliant on the drums, he looks so much like his dad it's uncanny.:cool: One of of my 'old school friends' grandsons is engaged...
  11. Pomgolian

    Dymoke Street etc

    Mike, that map of Gooch St, would you please have the bit of that area that covers a little more over the bottom right hand corner? The part that would take in William Edward St, Angelina St, Conybere St and Dymoke St. Chris/Pom :angel:
  12. Pomgolian

    Does Anyone Have Access to Scottish Records Please?

    I'm looking for Marriage, Birth and Census records from FORFAR Scotland 1885 and before. The names I'm looking for are John Hopeton/Hopton c 1864/5 and Flora Mary Fox. (Flora was born in Dorset Eng 1865/6) Any help appreciated Thanx Chris/Pom :angel:
  13. Pomgolian


    Could someone please look up the family of this young lady on the 1901 Birmingham census please? Hopeton/Hopton Flora M could be c1893 aged about 8 Mother may be Flora c1865/6 and father may be John. Thank you in advance. This is the lady I'm looking for: Marriages Dec 1911 Beeley John W...
  14. Pomgolian

    Real Life Is...

    ....Close my eyes, feel ... Wrap around, take a hold Of my heart What a feeling Bein's believin'...' And that's how I felt today. A hug A kiss "I love you" Said to me today by a 9 year old 'Soldier' losing the battle of the 'C' That's real life.... The world I live in, but rarely speak...
  15. Pomgolian

    Where was Firston St Ladywood? Please

    Well it's finally happened !..... Usually I am helping others with finding family, places and streets. However this time for the life of me try as I might, do you think I am able to find Firston St on any old Maps ? NO! I know it must have been around the Dudley Rd, Icknield Port Rd, Shakespeare...
  16. Pomgolian

    Lest we forget !.....

    Well it seems as though here in NZ this generation have! First we had all the War Medals stolen by thieves from the National War Museum in December 2007. (however we did get them back after offering thousands of dollars in reward for info'). Now with ANZAC Day only a week away, thieves have...
  17. Pomgolian

    Wood Family

    Hi Guys I have a request...could some one please look this family up on 1901 cen' Surname First name(s) Age Occupation Remarks WOOD George Head 44 Joiner(Em'ee) Yorkshire WOOD Kezia Wife 36 Staffordshire WOOD George E Son 13 Joiners Assistant(Em'ee)...
  18. C

    Nechells Park Secondary Modern School Charles Arthur St School

    I started off at Cromwell St nursery and went through to the infants and Jrs before going to Charles Arthur St Seniors. I remember Mrs Painter but I am very fuzzy about any other teachers. The head at Charles Arthur had a nick name of "Spud"? We use to play British Bull Dog, French Skipping...
  19. Pomgolian


    Reading a post on the 'New Look to Main B'Ham History site ' thread reminded me of a forum where I used to post what was called 'Censuswhack'. You can come across some really funny family names and occupations as you trawl through the census for each year and trade directories. here are I few I...
  20. Pomgolian

    Name my Kitty Please....She now has a name, thanx all

    We are about to gain a new kitten. She has not got a name! As we have always had male cats in the past, we are now unable to agree on a suitable name for her. So it was suggested I put the challange on to 'The Forum'. Here she is: (No rude names please :rolleyes::)) Pom :angel: