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  1. rowan

    WW1 relatives in uniform

    As the Day pf Remeberence has arrived I think of family I didnt know who died during both wars my respect goes out to them and all there commarades who were killed with them. I remember ARTHUR EDWIN BOTT of the KRRC and several other family I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT ABOUT...
  2. rowan

    How Aston Villa won, and lost the FA cup in the same year.

    Thank you very much for your condolences lyn and Vivienne. I am trying my best to carry on but believe you me it is so very, very hard, but carry on I must as it is what Jim wanted me to do.
  3. rowan

    How Aston Villa won, and lost the FA cup in the same year.

    Hi to you all, Regards the cup............... sorting through my beloved late husbands things I have come across loads of Aston Villa memorabilia such as programmes dating from the 1950's autograph newspaper cutting, little badges with pictures on, enamel badges, a signed away shirt from the...
  4. rowan

    Bsa Factory1940s Onwards

    I ad family's sides who worked at the BSA. My father Roland Bott, grandfather James Henry Bott and my grandmothers side the Quincey's. Are any of these names in lyndeloos book please.
  5. rowan

    Battle Of The Somme 1 July Centenary

    Hello Pat, I have only just noticed your message of July 9th 2016 re: contacting me. I assume it is regarding a Quincey. I have sent you a PM
  6. rowan

    R I P Ed Doolan

    I remember listening to Ed when I lived in Cheltenham. I always loved his feisty show. Thank you Ed for the entertainment. Sleep well R.I.P.
  7. rowan

    Our Thoughts For Ger22van (ernie)

    So sad such an awful disease. God bless you all
  8. rowan

    Kelly Michael

    Michael dies 1905 age 64. John married age 29yrs Beatrice Christain Husband age 20yrs on the 25 Dec. 1905 at Hockley All Saints. (Father deceased) John was killed in WW1 in France on the 3rd September 1916. He had at least 3 children.
  9. rowan

    Kelly Michael

    I have found them in 1891 living in Icknield Street. Michael's name is listed as MICHALL KELLY age 50 born Ireland, Wife LUCY age 36 b. Gloucester. Children: John KELLY age 14 b. Warwickshire. Amy BODDINGTON age 14 b. Warwickshire. Florence BODDINGTON age 14 b. Warwickshire. Anne BODDINGTON...
  10. rowan

    Two Ladies At A Bus Stop Photograph

    This was my Nan and the lady looks so like her
  11. rowan

    Two Ladies At A Bus Stop Photograph

    Hello lyn, sadly that too is not the one I am interested in. It showed the bus stop quite close up with the 2 ladies in what, if I remember wearing summer frocks and they could of had baskets. I feel so mad with myself for not saving the picture :( Thanks again lyn for your reply and yes I...
  12. rowan

    Two Ladies At A Bus Stop Photograph

    Thank you all for your replies. Sadly this is not the picture. The ladies are facing the camera and it is quite close up. The reason I would like to see it is because one of the ladies looked very much like my Grandmother. Thank you all again and sorry for the delay in answering, not been too...
  13. rowan

    Two Ladies At A Bus Stop Photograph

    Hi everyone, There was a photograph of two ladies standing at a bus stop in the forum but sadly I can't remember where. It was a large photo taken about 1950s. I don't know where to start looking. I was hoping it was in Nechells/ Alum Rock area and I think they were off to town. I know it a...
  14. rowan

    Sutton Park

    Thank you Pedrocut for showing the map of Wyndley Pool. the road on the right hand side of the map is, I believe Clifton Road and one of the first houses shown was where I lived as a youngster. It is of course no longer there :-(
  15. rowan

    Down Time

    Many thanks Warren :) I have missed the BHF and sooooooooooo pleased to have you back in my home again :))
  16. rowan

    Baines Louisa

    Hi Brum51, Are these your rellies? 1881 at 2 Court 7House Brass street. George Towner age 24yrs. occupation; Striker Blacksmith. Louisa " age 28yrs. " Japanner Thomas " age 11yrs. Scholar Florence " age 6yrs...
  17. rowan

    13 Egerton Road, Bristol - 1911

    Vincent Hill age 16 born Birmingham was a border in 1911 at 13 City Road, Ashley, Bristol living with Ellen Paul ((nee Smith widow) and her family. His occupation was TAXI DRIVER. (Like father like son?)
  18. rowan

    Thornton Road Junior School

    My Husband went to Thornton Road school from 1951-1955 and remembers the Teachers. Class 1/1 Miss Francis. 2/1 Mrs Rouse. 3/1 Mr Field. 4/1 Mr Field (retired) then Mr Force. My husband lived opposite the school in St. Agathas Road
  19. rowan

    Hall, william (1892-1970)

    Hello Toad Your FLORENCE LAVINA HALL (born 5th November 1914 Kings Norton) married ALBERT LESLIE STAINTON 11th February 1933 St. John's Ladywood. FLORENCE died 22nd December 1991. There is a tree on Ancestry regarding Florence and her family
  20. rowan

    Scams Email & Telephone 2015 - 2019

    Hi everyone, Beware of phone calls from "Private Caller" (if you have caller ID on your phone) They are scammers. We have had 3 and we answered the first call & they said "There is a problem with your router Mam" I just told them the only router we had was a map & put the phone down. We then...