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  1. Michael_Ingram

    The Girl From Guildford Street

    Good to hear from you Gina, awful to learn that you caught the virus, hope you are fully recovered. Look forward to the next book although I had left Birmingham by about 1967. But many of my family we’re still there. I must have been about 7 when I had my tonsils done
  2. Michael_Ingram

    The Girl From Guildford Street

    Just finished reading Tales from Guildford Street by Emelia Williams (Gina). A terrific read for someone who lived over the road from her and was friends with her next-door neighbours. Amazing amount of unexpected memory triggers; Castle Vale – as a student I worked there in my holidays when it...
  3. Michael_Ingram

    Hudson's book shops

    i don’t know of any coffee shops in bookshops in the 50s. The first bookshop I ever saw with one in the early 60s was in Amsterdam. I never saw Hudsons after the mid 60s and I can only remember one in London but I think there were a couple more
  4. Michael_Ingram

    Garrison Lane Pubs

    I visited the Garrison quite often. My sister and her husband lived nearby in Barwell Road where they bought their first house for £300 pounds. He did have his own business As an electrical engineer.
  5. Michael_Ingram

    Pub Quiz Time Again

  6. Michael_Ingram


    The same shoes but a different term I believe
  7. Michael_Ingram


    My hair is a bit ginger; anyway, everything was black and white in those days
  8. Michael_Ingram


    No Bob, I lived in Lozells my friend did and I had a girlfriend from there an went with her to the Palace. I went to Handsworth Grammar and went to places like the Trocadero, the Windsor, the Stagedoor Club, Sombrero, etc., in town
  9. Michael_Ingram


    PS I am wearing my first pair of brothel creepers (then fashionable shoes for you youngsters who have never heard of them)
  10. Michael_Ingram


    I saw many concerts at the Town Hall in the 50s including Humphrey Littleton. This photo is from the local paper of a Lionel Hampton concert in 1956. Sitting down half cut off on our right is my friend from school, Tony Green from Erdington, I am sitting next to him behind the rain coat. We were...
  11. Michael_Ingram

    Pub Quiz Time Again

    I would say the Black Horse
  12. Michael_Ingram

    74 and 75 bus routes

    My dad drove the 69 and 70 in the 1940, and 50s. I used the 70 to get to school fro Wheeler Street to Grove Lane. If I was lucky and he was driving I got a free trip
  13. Michael_Ingram

    Harry lucas school

    Hi Trevor, just found your post, although a little late. Good to hear from you anyway. I would have started there around 1945/6
  14. Michael_Ingram

    welsh web site (Great Lister St., Nechells - bombing and childhood evacuation)

    mae hynny'n gwneud synnwyr nowr (makes sense now)
  15. Michael_Ingram

    welsh web site (Great Lister St., Nechells - bombing and childhood evacuation)

    I think I made a typo th 'billc'. As I wrote that in 2007, I afraid I can't remember what it should say
  16. Michael_Ingram

    Launch of new book at Ikon Gallery

    John Walker, mentioned above, also taught at Birmingham College of Art in the 60s; I was one of his students. He won the John Moore’s Art Prize and moved to London where he exhibited at a major gallery who also exhibited Gilbert and George and had a solo exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I was...
  17. Michael_Ingram

    Royal Engineers TA Help Please

    He had a sister-in-law Hilda married to his brother Samuel. A sister Rene, a sister Lily, brothers Arthur, Samuel, and Stanley, mother Elizabeth and father Samuel. My dad and his brothers all served in WW1
  18. Michael_Ingram


    Happy Birthday Lyn x
  19. Michael_Ingram

    guildford street lozells

    My family were friends with a Shaw family. I knew of Lil Shaw; by the time I was around she lived in Bevington Road
  20. Michael_Ingram

    Italians in Birmingham

    My sister’s mother-in-law was a member of the Volante family