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    Talking Pictures TV

    Hi, I've only just 'discovered' this on Channel 81 Freeview. The trouble is, now I can't stop watching the old films! For any of you Cliff Richard fans, Expresso Bongo is on next Saturday night. Kind regards Dave
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    Unknown coat of arms

    Sorry - having problem with attachment - will try later
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    The 'Bull'

    Hi All Does anyone remember the 'Bull' which used to sound around 7.30 or 8AM, and was very loud in Stechford. A similar sound to that massive horn in the IKEA advert. I always understood as a lad that it came from the Met at Saltley, but can anyone confirm that? Kind regards Dave
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    Junk Mail

    Hi All How often do you get a bit of junk mail with a reply paid envelope? Well, next time select a piece of scrap paper or card which would have otherwise gone in your bin, put it in the envelope, and send it back. Then they will have to recycle both the envelope and the junk paper, the...
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    Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood

    Hi All, In case there's anyone still up who may be interested, the 2008 Madison Square Gardens concert with Eric and Steve is just starting on BBC1. Kind regards Dave
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    J & E Hall Ltd - Charles E. Hirschfeld

    Hi All, A friend of mine has recently bought an old Ferguson radio which bears a brass plate reading -'Presented to Charles E. Hirschfeld on his retirement by friends and colleagues at J & E Hall Ltd June 29 1956'. I do remember J & E Hall as a refrigeration company when I worked at R...
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    R. White & Sons Western Road, Brookfields

    I wonder if anyone on here worked for Whites in the 60's or 70's? Kind regards Dave