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    Jaguar cars

    Hi Yep the mail article (see below) rings true. As a senior staff rep we covered the debacle. I wrote a short book on it. Jaguar was in a mess run by Robinson he tried to run it on a democratic style. Proved a disaster. I first met John Egan he was head of Sales and Service at Cowley. He gave...
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    37 Days Series

    Hi Just completed the 3 Episodes of 37 days. Its full of information. Interesting how the Kaiser pulled the plug on the Attack in the West once French Neutrality was wrongfully Established via the Edward Grey Phone call. Once he found out he had been duped it was all Guns Blazing. The linkage...
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    the sad death of Tony Greig.

    It was a sad day with the death of Tony Greig. The iconic figure who took our game by the scruff of neck and transformed it to what we have today. Like Jimmy Hill earlier who took Football into a similar Orbit Gregg created Stardom on an International stage. Prior to these guys Sportsmen were...
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    High Speed Train 2

    Hi Just seen the line proposal into Birmingham. surprised at the link via Water Orton into Birmingham. Its a complete new Track and Infrastructue build. Intial proposal star around 2017 give or take the planning objections. Mike Jenks
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    Ashes 2009

    Hi Well its that time again another Ashes season. Who can forget that season 2005 winning against the odds. Well its a new season ahead and I must admit im a little bit down this year. We dont sem to have any cohesion at all. I hope we can pull something out of the bag. Most of my time was...
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    World War 1 Pensions

    Hi My grandfather served with with distinction but was badly wounded. Private Thomas Moran 8th Battalion the Gloucestershire Regiment Enlisted on 14/9/14 as No 12990 (his number is in a batch of men who seem to have enlisted in 8 KLR in the Lydney Gloucestershire although I...
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    British Timkin

    Hi Going through a few of Dad's Photo's I stumbled across a Copy of the Efficiency department. Dad headed this department in the 1950's. Unfortunately it closed down and work transfered to Northampton Duston. The Picture shows Dad far right at his leaving do. He went to Turner Brothers for the...
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    Dad in the Park

    Hi Just dug out this picture of Dad in the 1930's in his Cosi?. Anybody else got one they were all the rage then. I even think there is a Photo of Clark Gable in one. Mike Jenks
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    Baptist Church

    Hi This search through my Mothers Photographs is turning up some odd things. All my life I have tried to follow the Methodist Religion. Years in the Boy's Brigade and regular attendance at Stechford Methodists. I had several years at Yardley Parish Church and a couple of years at St Margarets...
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    My first Photo Shoot

    Hi Came across this picture of myself taken in 1943 from my Mom's old Photo's. Trying to convert them to CD. Well we all had one so here is mine. Mike Jenks
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    Minx Mark 1

    Hi By the later 1950's Dad had moved up to a Minx Mark 1. Again on Holiday somewhere the Car is shown with my Sister. We later had a Mark 3 version. Real luxury these vehicles for the price the best cars on the road. Mike Jenks
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    Can you ride Tandum?

    Hi Can you ride Tandum. This in the late 1930's. My dad had a Tandum this picture is around Ross on Wye. Some distance. Im not sure how much Mom peddled. Mike Jenks
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    Sunbeam Talbot

    Hi Came across this picture of Myself Mom and my Sister somewhere on Holiday in the Mid 1950's. It is a Sunbeam Talbot around 1939+. Great in the Summer as the Photo shows but cold and wet in the Winter. Dads pride and Joy. Mike Jenks
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    Castle Bromwich School Bentley Road

    Hi Also known as Bentley Road I started there in 1948. Left after a couple of Years. Came back for another year around 1953 to 1954. I started in Miss Whittakers class then Miss Evans. I finnished in Miss Wilson Class . Found an old photo of 1953/54 Class. Mike Jenks
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    Rover Link

    Hi great site for Austin Rover I use as an ex Rover Employee is www.austin- Rover.co.uk. The site is run by Keith Adams and there are many areas to look in at from History to the lastest goings on. Mike Jenks
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    The Cold War

    Hi A part life for a while was spent in the World of Berlin from 1963 to 1968. The City was completely surrounded by the trappings of the left overs from World War 2. The journey's I undertook I was able to enter Berlin via Air Rail and Land via the corridors. Travelling to East Berlin was...
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    Bingley Hall

    Hi Had a great day at the Rep Theatre saw a great play She Stoops to Conquer. Next one is a Musical on Peter Pan. Found a few old Photographs showing the Old Bingley Hall and where the Symphoney Hall and Rep are now. Also shows Brenda's School Nelson Street where she taught for a While in...
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    Birmingham Buisnesss's Bullpits

    Hi Ref Bullpits. Sorry now all gone. Im not sure of the Brand Name Swan who has got it but most of this type of product is long since gone to the Far East Mike Jenks
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    The Malt Shovel Gaydon

    Hi Had a retirement do for my ex Colleague from Gaydon. It was my turn 5 years ago now today Bob took his retirement. Lot of Memories the the Malt Shovel in the Village has seen lots of people come and go from the Huge Ford site consisting of the Museum, Land Rover Jaguar, and Aston Martin...
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    29th US Army Trebah

    Hi Just back from Newquay. Took some time to get Started. I was determined to have a complete rest whilst on Holiday and for a week I did. Out of the blue my cousin advised us for a day out at Trebah Garden. Well there we were a wonderful place with a beach at the bottom. There it was the...