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    Mason Family

    Dave , the son of Theresa nee Farrell was Leslie Joseph Mason born 11th june 1926 registered Sept qtr.He died in July 2002. There was a Leslie Stanley Mason b Birmingham, 10th November 1926, parents William and Eva he died in 1998. There were no births of Leslie Mason in midlands in 1927.
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    Kirby family (between 1891 and 1911)

    Welcome to the forum Amanda. Your James was a naughty boy as records show. He married Annie in 1892 1901 , 165 Hurst street James Kirby age 29 Fruit salesman Anne age 26 Annie 6 James 7 months In 1911 3 Nile terrace, Annie Kirby age 36 Annie 17 James 10 Leonard 8 Arthur 6 Ivy 5 Doris 3 Horace 1...
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    1891 census Samuel Shakeshaft - Aston

    The first page of this census entry lists the names of the streets.and Hutton street and Addison street are on the list so is Chattaway Street and Malvern hill road. The next street to be enumerated after Samuels entry is Addison street. You will find Addison street , Chattaway street and...
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    I think most of us ladies of a certain age dry clothes the way our mothers(even grandmothers )did. I only overlap clothes made of thin material, hang trousers from the waist, I only differ from most people in as much as I don't hang socks from the toe but from the top. Never ,ever leave pegs on...
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    Munroe Ellen, lived as Wife to Thomas Dodds, then William Lawley

    Sarah Adderley married William MONRO in 1837.William was a tailor. Their daughter Emma Catherine MUNROE was baptised on January 4th 1842 St Martins there were also baptisms of 4 Adderley adults on the same day parents Richard and Louisa. The address of both families Duddeston Row where Sarah is...
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    What went into the dustbin?

    Hi Paul, I lived in Marsh Lane in the police houses and my boyfriend (now exhusband ) lived at the top of Milverton road, whenever we passed the house Kenny was playing the piano We were a whole gang of teenagers that used to hang out together and Kenny used to be amongst them. I left Erdington...
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    Mucklows at arthur street small heath

    The Mucklow parents were in Arthur Street in 1955 John W Mucklow and Freda nee Slater John C Mucklow was born London in 1949, David was born in Birmingham 1950 and Kathleen in Birmingham 1952, As these people are probably still living any info about their whereabouts must be by Private message...
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    What a lovely new hobby Angela and it is great to see you posting here again we have missed you. Alberta.
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    Hall family

    Sorry jane it is Martha in 1851
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    Hall family

    You say that on the 1861 she is down as Martha. I have found a William Hall with a different family. 1851 census Bishopgate street Birmingham William Hall age 22 b Cheltenham Plasterer Martha age 28 b birmingham Julia 2 b 1849 William 6 months. 1861 Suffolk street William Hall age 33 Plasterer...
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    Hall family

    William Harrison m Rebecca Simmons West Bromwich 1838. Baptisms in Birmingham both on 1st April 1823 parents James and Phebe Martha Simmons born 4th March1819 Rebecca Simmons born 21 November 1820
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    How long is everyones hair. Steve has trimmed mine at the back but still a bit too long, he is OK a quick flip over with the trimmers and his is fine. I bet it will be a nightmare to get a hair appointment when this is all over.
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    A little about your grandmother Alice Whittingham. She was born in West Derby,liverpool in 1899 and died in 1932. She married Vincent Pitt in 1921. Alice was the daughter of William Sugars Whittingham and his wife Florence nee Fanshawe who married in 1898. 1901 Census for the family Hull street...
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    There were 778 needless deaths in this country today, for Gods sake all this upset over a forum heading. Warren works very hard so that we all have a forum to access and I for one think his Welcome is fine. Perhaps one day he will get fed up with of us all then where we all go to 'meet up'...
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    Death registered twice?

    Births and deaths were often registered this way and sometimes still are. The same number denotes they are the same person, she had assumed the name Pemberton but was legally Lynes. The probate for her estate names her as Doris Rose Pemberton or Lynes died 15th January 1978. Belvedere Oxford...
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    I spoke too soon about the rain , it has poured down all night. I almost heard my lawns rejoicing,lol. What a beautiful boy James is Lyn, only seems a moment since he was born. Steve and I are fine, catching up on jobs that should have been done ages ago. I know this thread is to uplift us...
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    Enjoying time in the garden, nice to have a quiet motorway for once, although it has been replaced by the Chinooks taking personnel and equipment to the NEC and doing a wonderful job. Had to water last night, by my count it hasn't rained for 24 days. We have planted seeds and turned our front...
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    Sir Stirling Moss

    RIP Sir Stirling Moss. Motoring icon. How many motorists stopped by the police years ago for speeding heard the words'who do you think you are Stirling Moss'
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    Lady P , I love your Easter tree. There used a be a man in Coleshill who decorated his front window with daffodils when Spring came, egg decorations at Easter, Halloween ghosts, Tennis raquets and balls for Wimbledon, and Christmas tree later.
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    Lawns mown Garden weeded Fences painted Kitchen cupboards unusually tidy (as are wardrobes) Stainless steel hob shining Windows sparkling Dogs fed up of being groomed. My straggly hair cut into a beautiful short bob by 'Coiffure de steve' Menus arranged for 2 weeks dinners in advance Sounds...