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    Sir Stirling Moss

    RIP Sir Stirling Moss. Motoring icon. How many motorists stopped by the police years ago for speeding heard the words'who do you think you are Stirling Moss'
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    Reuben Smith, a mystery.

    A bit of a mystery for my genealogy friends to help with PLEASE? My friends great grandfather was Reuben Smith b 1894, we know he had a brother Nehemiah and he gave his son this name.Reuben told his family that he was a gypsy. In 1911 Reuben is at 137 Heneage street, duddeston with his...
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    IP address

    I know nothing at all about computers other than how to post to BHF.,so sorry if this is a bit of a saga. until 12 months ago I had a domain email address paid for by my son but decided to give it up and have my email with gmail. Wanting to be independent we did this alone without my sons help...
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    RIP,Tony Britton

    Tony Britton,actor, born 1924 Birmingham, father of Fern Britton died this morning age 95.
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    Space station

    Just had a beautiful view of the Space station going over Chelmsley travelling south in a really clear sky. I haven't any idea how far away it is but to realise that there are people in there is amazing.
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    William Wilkins b 1850 Minworth

    Legs128 here is some info for you 1881 22 High Street East Ham Essex Wire Drawer William Wilkins b 1850 Minworth Annie b 1848 Castle Bromwich ( nee Ann Rhodes m 1873) William 1875,Joseph 1877, Harry 1879 and Ernest 1881 all b Essex Annie died early in 1891 age 41 1891 Horsfall Croft Hay...
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    Hart family, market traders

    New member Mcl0307 has sent me message requesting information on the Hart family who were traders in the old Bullring market, the only name known Mary Hart. Mcl0307 perhaps you could give us some idea of dates for the family.
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    Moderators are having to work very hard to keep all threads on topic by clearing out the irrelevant posts so could members refer back to a thread title before adding to it please. Alberta.
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    Educating children about the canals

    We took the dogs to Hatton locks this morning, it was very busy with lots of visitors and more boats than I have ever seen on the canal. There was coach trip of primary school children from Leamington, they were being taken in small groups to various areas including the workshops. One group was...
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    Not as young as you were ?

    I am 77 in June and have had a lot of ill health this last year which has made me a bit unsteady. My husband is afraid I will slip in the shower so he has fitted a grab rail. It is a very handy one but I hate it ,every time I go into the bathroom I am reminded that I am now elderly.(but only in...
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    Albert Wathen married Ellen Peaple in 1903 1911 they lived in Leonard Stanley Gloucs where all children born. Albert wathen age 30 labourer for Anglo Oil Co. Nellie age 25 Cyril 7 Doreen 4 Alfred 2 after 1911 Edward 1913 and Freda 1922 Edward married Louisa m Overy in 1940 he is living with...
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    FIFIELDS Harriet and Thomas william

    Information for Edifi Thomas William Fifield and Harriett Parslow married 1935 1939 , 183 Inkerman street Thomas William Fifield b 17th May 1908 fibre dresser Harriett b 28th august 1909 entry blacked out will be Roy b 1936 1911 29 Dollman Street Vauxhall Thomas William Fifield age 25...
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    Albert Finney

    RIP ,Albert Finney who died today aged 82. I first saw Albert Finney in 1958 when he played Hamlet at the Birmingham Rep, I was 16 so he must have been 22.
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    Amusing company names

    I saw a programme yesterday which included a report from a man representing an Estate agent, Doolittle and Dalley. A few weeks ago we passed a cottage in the country having its cess pit pumped out by a firm called Success.
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    Those who survived

    Whilst we all remember with gratitude those who lost their lives for their country perhaps we should also remember with gratitude all those who fought and came back broken men. My maternal grandfather was gassed and suffered ill health and depression for years after he came back. He struggled...
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    British Soldiers In Canada

    Not quite sure where to post this but hope someone can help. This is me being naughty as it is not a Birmingham query as my paternal family are from north staffs. Mathew Brough b Cheddleton/Leek staffs in 1805 (census records differ slightly) I am lucky that not many Matthew Broughs have been...
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    Ancestry V Fmp

    We have discussed the merits of Ancestry in the past but my renewal is about due and I have decided to upgrade to Worldwide. This however does not contain the 1939 census. Have any of you used both and how do they compare? Alberta
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    Changing Vets.

    We have decided it is time for a change of Vet. The vet we had seen at our local vets for over 40 years retired a couple of years ago and we continued to use the same practice. On Friday there was something wrong with Alice, a 7 yr old yorkie. She was going to the toilet many times even when...
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    Still a cracking story even with the lack of Cornish accents,I don't really want to be unfaithful to Thomas Shelby but I am already slightly in love with Ross,LOL.
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    A visit to the Doctor.

    My husband is in the unfortunate position of having to have both knees replaced because of arthritis and being only 62 he has given the timing for this a great deal of thought as he is an electrician and the Muscular skeleton people told him it may mean he will not kneel so easily afterwards...