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  1. aston lad

    Aileen / Eileen Cooper nee Williams born around 1938

    Hi All.....Looking for the above person, her father was Ernest John Williams, mother Ida Jessie Williams nee Cockburn, she married Gordon Cooper in 1960, and lived at 15 Littlemead Avenue in the 1950's and 60's.....if anyone know of them or indeed better still related to them can you please...
  2. aston lad

    Library Of Birmingham Web Site

    Does anyone know if the library web site has closed down ?, I somehow cannot find a link to it anymore ?....
  3. aston lad

    Does Anyone Know Where This Is

    I have been asked if I know where this photo has been taken, I am sure its one of Ray Griffiths but not sure, I think it could be Berners Street in Lozells, thank you
  4. aston lad

    Ray Griffiths....Photographs of Aston

    Hi Ray..... Can I say a big thank you for all the photographs you have allowed us to use not just on this site but many more on face book, you have made a lot of people very happy, I can honestly say that I am a great admirer of your work, and where I can I have made sure that you are credited...
  5. aston lad

    Looking for a photo which was printed in Carl Chinn's Evening Mail Column

    I am looking for a photo taken in 1936 of a group of people who have either been on a day trip or celebrating King Edwards coronation,or something along them lines, it was taken either in Sutherland Street or Montague Street by the Pump public house, The photo was printed in the Carl Chinn's...
  6. aston lad

    Electoral Roll House Number Required Please

    Sorry for asking such a favour but I lost a small bit of information I used to have, as I no longer subscribe to any of the family tree research sites anymore I am unable to find the detail myself.....I am looking for the house number of my great aunt and uncle, David and Bertha Williams they...
  7. aston lad

    Rod Birch

    I read yesterday that Rod had passed away, I wasn't too sure if it was Rod Birch or not , I wrote to Chris Pounder to ask her and here is the reply I got back Chris Pounder John here is the message I got from Sue Bonner yesterday my time... "....not sure if you are aware, but Rod passed away...
  8. aston lad

    Leonard Smith/Mona Medding Jones/Mary Smith/Lilian Smith

    Can I ask a very big favour from you......Does anyone on here subscribe to " Find My Past " web site, if so could you help me please, I am looking for Leonard Horce Smith, Mona Medding Jones, Mary Smith, and Lilian Smith, they left this country for South Africa in or around 1937........I need to...
  9. aston lad

    Birmingham Car Tax Office

    Can anyone tell me if the car tax office in Edwards Street Birmingham as moved, I am or was going to there on Monday, but I have now been told its in Garrets Green ....does anyone know ...ta
  10. aston lad

    Sirens Aston 1960s 1970s. At 13.00

    Sorry if this subject has already been posted on here, I did a search but couldn't find any thing... I can remember a siren going off at around 13.00 every week day, when I was living in Aston/Birmingham during the 60's and 70's (I think), I never knew why it did, and where it was located, I...
  11. aston lad

    Birmingham Central Library....opening times

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, I am or was planing a trip to the above this Saturday, I wanted to do a bit of local research for someone, not been to the library or Birmingham for a number of years I thought I had better check the opening times, I was amazed to find that the local...