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    Sherbourne Mill / Baldwin & Sons Paper Mill

    Does anyone have a photo (preferably old) of Sherbourne Paper Mill in Kings Norton? Ideally I'm looking for a 19th century image, but anything will do if it's of the buildings from that period. My great great grandfather William Davis worked and died in an accident there. thanks in advance!
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    Price, WW1 photo - Help?!

    If anyone could help with this I'd be incredibly grateful. This is my great-grandfather, Harry Price, in his uniform, taken in France in about 1915 or 1916 (so I'm told). The back of the postcard confirms it was French, but there's no stamp or postmark. It was sent to his sister in Rugby. He...
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    Help with dating old photo

    This is the last photo (I hope) that I need a bit of help with! If anyone could put a rough date on it, I would be most grateful. The photographer was E & W Harris of 220 Mary St, Balsall Heath - I would have asked in the directory section as I did for the others, but I can't even guess at a...
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    Royal Warwickshire Regiment

    I thought someone might like to see this photo, of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment (or part of it at least), taken on the 28th March 1916. My great-uncle, Harold Francis Griffiths is in the second row (3rd from right). He joined up earlier that year, so assume they are all newish recruits and...
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    Joseph Norris photographer

    I have found from other sources that Joseph Norris was a photographer at 5 Union Passage between 1862-1885, but I have a photo giving his address as 52 New Street - can anyone tell me the years he was at this address, as I'd like to date the photo. TIA
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    75 Moseley Road

    Can anyone tell me when H Roland White was working as a photographer at the above address please? I have a photo from his studio there I'd like to get a rough date for.