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    African Art Work 1975

    I have in my possession 8 water colours of African Tribal dancers on black& grey paper all doing dance scenes. These were given to me in 1975. Just wondered what Part of Africathey might come from.Ive tried to find out but to no avail.Did see one in a frame in a market by the canals in gas St'...
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    Football Pools Winners

    When I worked at Fisher& Ludlows in1978 the week before we broke up for our 2 week Summer Holiday I had 24 points a first Divi.My thoughts turned to paying of my Mortgage a New car and holidays in the Sun. All week I waited for the Pools Rep to call he never did.I was all a quiver wondering how...
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    Broke my big toe 6 weeks ago tripping over.Have been going twice a week to the surgery to have it dressed because of a small cut,( having Diabetes didn't want complications) in between the 1-2 toes.Went to a foot Podiatry on Mon said everything was fine but as a precaution she asked me if I was...
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    Victor TURTON MP

    Did Victor TURTON ever become an MP for the Vauxhall Duddeston area
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    Jimmys Bar (St James) New Street

    Did anyone ever drink in Jimmys bar ,just up from Watches of Switzerland in the late 50s.Used it a lot after seeing the Big Bands at the Town Hall.
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    The Midland Tavern

    Don't tell anyone.When I was about 6-7 me and my mates Tommy Fryer. & Bobby Bowden would go down the bombed building by the side of the Midland Tavern ,climb over the fence and walk over the grass to were they stored the empty bottles in the wooden crates.We would remove the top 2 crates and...
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    Cycle shop just below Pritchett St on Aston Rd

    There was a large BMC car dealers up from Dartmouth St on Aston Rd just below Pritchett St .Oppositte next to a Metal works was a top class cycle shop.Can anyone remember the name.I bought my first by cycle there in 1955.
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    Thomas William Fifield

    Looking for were my father was born and were my mother and father lived when they first got married
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    Edward Parslow ,Goodrick St Saltley

    Can anyone help with my grandfather ,Date of birth ,marriage to Lucy Ann etc.In the Warwickshire 14-18 war
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    Happy Valley fishing in the Canal

    Did anyone go fishing in the Canal for Stickler backs up Kings Heath way
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    Claude Billingham Glass Dolman St

    Does anyone remember Billinghams Glass.My Father worked weekends fo him doing the leaded windows in doors.I helped sweep the shop of a weekend to clear the glass bit of the floor.He wanted to teach me all about glassing but became a Mechanic instead.Wish I'd learnt that trade instead
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    While cutting some Rhubarb for Sunday Crumble I said to the good lady as a kid did you ever buy a stick of rhubarb take it home and dip it in the Sugar.So sour sometimes.Ooooooooooo
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    Good music to listen to on U Tube

    Just watched 2 guitarists buskers in Barcelona brilliant.Also Andrais Botchelli singing Autumn Leaves .Sooper Dooper.
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    During the war in Ikerman St Vauxhall,We kept 3 chickens up the back yard.They were Black Leghorns so I was told.The one we called Peggy because she walked with a LIMP.All the neighbors loved the eggs they laid tho
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    75th Anniversary of the D Day landings

    Just wondering if the Television is doing anything for D Day 6th of June.In France we tried to book an Hotel for a few days in February nearest to the beaches was nearly 100 Klm ((60 miles) away .Duxford as got the Dakotas lining the runways for the Paratroopers to jump from.But nothing has...
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    Dr TYGHE at the Cap or Cab stand at Ashted Row

    What a nice Doctor he was.Even when we moved to Kitts Green in49 we still went and saw him
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    In 1949 in Dolman St I came of my bike and unfortunately rubbed my face on the newly resurfaced gritted road quite badly.I was rushed to the General Hospital by someone's car.Iwas treated with a newfound dressing called ACRIFLAVINE which was a Gauze covered in a yellow liquid which I had to keep...
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    RTP Potato Crisps

    My uUncle Horace Round and 2 friends started RTP Crisps in Saltley Rd in the 50s.Think all the family helped out ..I used to help in school holidays cleaning the potatoes before they went to be chipped for frying.My. DAD tried them the ladies bagged them,then I put 24 into a metal tin and...
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    Anyone remember St James's(Jimmys Bar) in New St.Just past Watches of Switzerland.

    Used this after the Big Band Shows at the Town Hall in the Late 50s
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    Inker man St and Dolman St.Vauxhall

    Anyone lived there up to 1949