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    Lucas -forums Rd

    My Nan and Grandad both worked at Lucas , Grandad was at Formans Rd. Their names were Charlie and Ruth May and were also from Acocks Green. 77 Francis Rd. I grew up in Francis Rd too. I will ask my mother Doreen for you. She was born 22 Nov 1940 (terrible day for having a baby). Her first job...
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    Suffolk St

    Thank you for the photos, My grgrgrandfather's brother Charles Josiah Lester was the Brewers manager of the Kings Arms. I think he also lived there it's his wife Rose. He died at aged 40 in 1887 and Rose was left with 2 girls under the age of three, called Isobel and Marleen. So far that's all...
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    Formans rd photos

    Hi my is Barbara Parsons ,And as a child in the 60's . I lived with my mom and Grandparents in Francis Rd. Acocks Green. My Grandad "Charlie May" worked at Lucas Formans rd for 40 yrs retiring in 1973, my Nan "Ruth May" worked at another Lucas. And I'm pretty sure my mom Doreen May worked...