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  1. anthea

    School in Earls Court Road, Harborne.

    Does anyone have information/history of a school in Earls Court Road? In the 1930's my brother attended a school which I think was based in a chapel and was used on a temporary basis while a new school was being built ie Woodhouse Road Junior and Infant School, to accommodate children from the...
  2. anthea

    Station Road Secondary Modern School, Harborne.

    Is there anyone out there who went to Station Road School in Harborne around 1947 - 1953? I remember Mr Stanton was the Headteacher and Mr Abel was Deputy Head. Also Mr Owen, Miss Bonham, Mrs Heart, Miss Beck and Miss Pallett. Mr Tozer was our music teacher. There were other teachers, but I...
  3. anthea

    Got any lunch mate?

    Does anyone remember Bob's Cafe, corner of Argyle Street, Aston, opposite Booth's factory gates in the 1930's/40's where the poor kids would wait for the men coming out of the factory and would then ask the men "Got any lunch mate?". The kids would take the sandwiches home to be shared out. My...
  4. anthea

    1841 Elijah Parry Look-up

    Could anyone who has access to the 1841 Census please look for Elijah Parry, Age abt.24., Wife Ruth and Son Edward, abt 1 year old. They were married in Edgbaston, Warwickshire. But if there is nothing there, could you try Birmingham, Warwickshire or Staffordshire. Any information would be...
  5. anthea


    I can remember a 'road gang' of either German/Italian POWs together with their army guard working at the top of the road where I lived on the Quinton/Harborne border. :shocked: This would be about 1944 when I was at Junior School. My mother gave me strict instructions not to speak to the...
  6. anthea

    Advice Re Burial In 1833

    PLEASE can anyone help -----Is it possible to find out whether my 3xGt Grandfather died, at the age of 43, from illness or maybe an accident or other reason in 1833 ? I found the above details on a National Burial Index.
  7. anthea


    Can anyone help? I am looking for birth details of my 2 x Gt Grandfather Elijah Parry. He may have been christened at St Bartholomew's church, Edgbaston, and according to LDS site he was born in 1817. ???