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    Tubes Limited

    Many thanks looking forward to seeing them
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    Tubes Limited

    Hi BazzM I worked at Tubes Ltd Rocky Lane as an apprentice 1955-1960, I have not been able to find the photos you posted and I would love to see any photos that you have I am 2nd from right, presentation to Mr Jackson
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    Tubes Limited

    This is a photo of T.I. Apprentices on a training course at Pype Hayes taken 1958. I am far left second row
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    Tubes Limited

    Tubes Ltd Apprentices. 1958
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    Menin Gate Memorial

    Thank you
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    Menin Gate Memorial

    Menin Gate. Memorial. George Frederick Quincey. Died aged 17
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    Armoury road small heath

    Census for my mother and father Armoury Rd 1939
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    Armoury road small heath

    Census for my gt.grandfather Armoury Rd
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    Armoury road small heath

    I lived at 9 the Firs 1940-47 I would love to see any photos that you have of the terrace
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    War photos collection

    My father Victor Philip Quincey was in the Royal Navy 1941-46 along with Atlantic convoys and Pacific duties he served a short time at the White House Washington. The photos show him on duty with his friend Harry Glover also from Birmingham and his White House Pass, which I still have. My father...
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    WW1 relatives in uniform

    My Grandfather John Thomas Quincey from Birmingham joined the Coldstream Guards in 1908 discharged due to injuries in 1918. The photo Shows him front row far right, recuperating after being shot in France. I would be pleased if anyone knows where the hospital was
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    Evacuation Of Children World War 2

    My sister Jeanne and I were evacuated in 1942 from 9 the Firs Armoury Rd Small Heath in 1942
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Re: Aston and lozells pic reposted... My family worked at the BSA Armoury Rd, from 1860 to 1978 I worked at Tubes Ltd Rocky Lane 1955 to 1960 thank you for the memories as I left Birmingham in 1962. Victor
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    Gertrude Ethel QUINCEY

    HI, I have the family tree (34 generations) of Gertrude as she was my grandfathers sister. please see www.dequinceyfamily.co.uk. I also have the complete tree in Pdf.format. Victor de Quincey