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    For all you opera buffs...

    The great Alfredo Kraus sings Je Crois Entendre Encore from Bizet's 'The Pearlfishers' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1WYRZA_CKE
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    First 2 pics are The Dingle in Northfield... soon to be flattened, no doubt. Then 2 pics of The Beeches in Northfield... the bulldozers were active as I was taking the photo.
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    Music lesson from Carly Simon

    YouTube - Carly Simon giving a music lesson #1
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    Shame these never got the recognition they deserved.

    Doll by Doll - early 80's YouTube - Doll By Doll - Main Travelled Roads
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    Stanley Howard Edge

    On my way home from work this morning, I stopped in the lay-by at Frankley Beeches to take a few early morning photos and came across this memorial to Stanley Edge, who helped design the Austin 7 at a very young age. I daresay it's common knowledge, but it's the first time I've seen it.
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    Can I search addresses on Ancestry?

    I have a 1907 postcard addressed to someone (who's name is unreadable) Bristol and I want to find out the name of the occupants in the 1901 census. I don't seem to be having any luck finding out how to search addresses on Ancestry... is it possible? Thanks in advance for any help to an old...
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    Kraft in £10.2bn move for Cadbury

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    Footballers weren't so used to the media in the 30's

    West Brom captain Tommy Glidden and Blues captain Ned Barkas chewing the fat after the 1931 Cup Final. https://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=27330
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    Outwork: Making up jewellery pads

    In the early 60's, my mum used to do some outwork at home, from a firm in the Jewellery Quarter. It involved making up the pads that were used to display the rings etc. She was supplied with shaped cardboard backing pieces, a matching shaped piece of wadding, cream coloured velvet which was...
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    Witton Isolation Hospital burnt down in 1967

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    Any maps showing Lower Tower St.?

    I have an address for my maternal grandparents of 6/91 Lower Tower St. Would anyone have a map that would show that address? Thanks in advance.
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    Green on Red

    YouTube - Green On Red - Frozen in My Headlights/Zombie For Love
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    Dad's relationship to First Lord Of The Admiralty

    When I was a child I remember my Mom mentioning that we were related to a certain 'Viscount Alexander' who had been First Lord Of the Admiralty during the war. I always assumed that he was a distant relative, but recent research has shown that A.V Alexander's mother was my Great Grandfather's...
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    Any sites like this based in S. Goucestershire/Somerset?

    Many of my ancestors lived in Bristol and surrounding areas before my paternal grandparents moved up to Birmingham and I wondered if anyone knows of any local history sites of that area that are as good as this one.
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    Some nice 70's Brum pics here

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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    Maybe not to everyone's taste, but I find Liz Fraser's voice on this cover of Tim Buckley's 'Song To The Siren' absolutely beautiful. YouTube - This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren "Cocteau Twins"
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    Nonsuch Farm

    Here is a picture of a picnic at Nonsuch Farm, Bartley Green taken sometime in the 1930's. My grandmother and grandfather (Bertha Viola Thatcher and Harold Sydney Thatcher are third and fourth from the right on the back row. I have some more pictures of the farm which I'll gradually add here...
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    Bartley Green Senior School 1933 School Photo

    I found this photo with my Dad's belongings after he died in 2001. The only person I know in the pic is my Dad's older brother Sidney Thatcher (Back row, 4th from the right). Just wondered if the photo would be of interest to anyone else. I think the school was/is in Adams Hill. I think I have a...