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  1. brianthelion

    Former NatWest Bank Frederick Street Jewellery Quarter.

    With all NatWest branding now removed the old lettering has been revealed. I’ll pop up and get a photo to post later as I guess it won’t be around for long. Cant remember now for sure but I think it’s National Provincial Bank of England! Old age grrrrrrrrr.
  2. brianthelion

    Crystal Chinese Restaurant, Jewellery Quarter.

    Chatting to a few Jewellers in the pub tonight and I was bemoaning the lack of a good Chinese in the JQ. A couple then began to talk about the Crystal from many years ago which, apparently was where the Tesco Express now sits near the clock. Any info, dates, pictures or memories more than...
  3. brianthelion

    BMW Jewellery Quarter/Old pub.

    With the news that BMW are leaving the JQ (blaming the upcoming clean air charges, makes a change from Brexit!) and chatting to friends they were trying to recall old pubs on the site. Any offers anyone? Cheers
  4. brianthelion

    Brookfields Cemetery JQ improvements 2019

    Contractors due to commence the improvements went offsite straight away due to the number of discarded syringes! Not sure the proposed cast iron railings will look ok but now told work will extend until December with specialists coming in to decontaminate the site!
  5. brianthelion

    Pub on corner of Hylton Street/Vyse Street that is now the Hylton Cafe

    Can anyone help with the name/details/pics of a former pub which was in the premises that are now the Hylton Cafe in the Jewellery Quarter? I belive the pub closed in the late 50s/early 60s but could be wrong. Many thanks