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  1. Barr_Beacon

    The Times Furnishing Building, New Street.

    My jaw dropped when I saw this photograph on 'The Old Pics of Brum' on Facebook. I've never seen it before and it's astonishing! It was taken during Birmingham's Wings for Victory Week 1943 (Photo: Brumpic on Twitter). Wings For Victory weeks were held across the country beginning in March 1943...
  2. Barr_Beacon

    The Beatles At The Abc Studios In Aston Cross, Sunday 20th October 1963.

    I have vague memories of this as my mother took me up Aston Road North to the ABC Studios hoping to see them... Holland Road outside the studios of ABC TV in Birmingham, Sunday, October 20, 1963.
  3. Barr_Beacon

    Winson Green Prison Gates

    Villiers Street Winson Green (1970s?)
  4. Barr_Beacon

    Brookfields Tavern, Hingeston St, Winson Green

    Apologies, no date.
  5. Barr_Beacon

    The Jewellers Arms

    This photograph was taken in 1947. Interesting to note that it was called Goldsmiths and Jewellers Arms at this time.
  6. Barr_Beacon

    Wh Smith

    Felt quite sad when I read this and I wonder if anyone can help with a query. I remember the WH Smith shop in Corporation Street beside Yates's Wine Lodge and had only just started using it when it closed down around September / October 1974 and opened it's 'new' shop in on the old Henry's site...
  7. Barr_Beacon

    St Silas Square Lozells

    I remember St Silas Square in May 1976 with the blossom trees in bloom, that still is in my memory after all these years.
  8. Barr_Beacon

    Ford Meteor Garage Gloster Meteor Jet On Forecourt

    Found this recently, it's dated August 1973, does anyone remember it?
  9. Barr_Beacon

    Pollyanna's, Newhall Street

    I used to go to Pollyanna's regularly from 1975, I think it was called Revolution before that (from what I can recall from the ads in The Birmingham Evening Mail at that time). I Stumbled across this advertisement the other day, it shares the same address as Pollyanna's. Was it a nightclub that...
  10. Barr_Beacon

    Bbc 'gangsters' 1976

    I couldn't find this on the site but I think it's worth a mention (apologies if it is listed elsewhere). For me the television drama works on many levels; it has an interesting storyline (feel free to disregard the music but I still quite like it) and it gives an amazing account of what...
  11. Barr_Beacon

    Ansell's Brewery, 1950s

  12. Barr_Beacon

    Lower Temple Street

    Can anyone date this?
  13. Barr_Beacon

    The Gunmakers Arms, Bath Street

    Date of photograph 13th June, 1960.
  14. Barr_Beacon

    King's Night Club, Hamstead

    Photograph dates from the 1970s / 1980s.
  15. Barr_Beacon

    The Queen's Head, Erdington

    Sorry, no date for the photograph but the pub didn't appear to change much up to when I lived in Erdington in the 1980s.
  16. Barr_Beacon

    The Victoria, Inkerman St, Duddeston Mill

    The orientation from the map is looking west up Duddeston Mill Road towards Duddeston Train Station, at a guess I would date it from the 1960s because of the tower block in the background.
  17. Barr_Beacon

    The Sacks Of Potatoes, Gosta Green (c.1952)

    The Sacks of Potatoes, Gosta Green (apologies for the error in the title).
  18. Barr_Beacon

    The Crown_station Street

    The photograph shows the pub was call The Crown Hotel then. I've no idea when the photograph was taken but I'd hazard a guess at Victorian or early 20th Century. I've seen a lot of photographs of The Crown but none with the bar staff / waiters standing outside.
  19. Barr_Beacon

    The Bricklayers Arms_potters Hill_aston