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    Lander Street

    Trying to identify a workplace for my grandfather in the 1960s. All I have to go on is that he worked for a Wire Galvanisers on the corner of Lander Street. Can anybody help identify who that might be ?
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    Crocketts Road, Handsworth 1901

    I'm trying to find out anything about 116 Crocketts Road, Handsworth in and around 1901 when the census shows a William Howell present as a "coal dealer and greengrocer" although I believe it was owned and run by John Howell. Does anybody have access to any records or trade directories that...
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    Metropolitan Road, Saltley

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place but my father was born at 9 Metropolitan Road, Saltley in the 1930s and I would love to see any images of this small road ..... as would my father who is struggling to remember much about it ! Does anybody have any photos or can point me at any...
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    Young William (1860 - 1916)

    Every twelve months or so, I repost something on my ancestor William Young who is a total blockage on my family history research. One year, somebody is going to make sense of it all so here's hoping one of you will do the magic ! William Young married Elizabeth Ann Howell at Bordesley in 1883...
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    Missing from 1901 census ?

    My ancestral family show up nicely on the 1911 census as ....... YOUNG, William Head Married Machinist England Birmingham (1856) YOUNG, Elizabeth Wife Married 17 years England Birmingham (1863) YOUNG, Edward Son Single Sawyer Wood England Birmingham (1895) YOUNG, Arthur Son School England...
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    Missing Youngs of Aston !

    I have a family of Youngs on the 1911 census - headed by WILLIAM YOUNG b1856 (Machinist) and ELIZABETH b1863 [104 Whitehall Road) - with five kids in the house, three born before 1901 but I can't find this family with these kids on the 1901 census ..... where are they ?
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    Registered Lodging House ?

    I have traced an elderly descendant on the 1911 census at "Registered Lodging House, 26 Coleshill Street". Can anybody tell me what these places would be ?
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    Where do I go to search records ?

    I'm 100% used to doing all my family history research on the internet via the usual sites but I'm blessed (not) with having a very common surname and most of my ancestors seem to have very common first names and rarely any middle name ! As a result, I'm stuck with so many possibles from birth...
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    Interpreting Electoral Roll

    On the 1922 Electoral Role for the address I'm investigating, I have three individuals ......... HO Elizabeth O Elizabeth Ann R William Do the codes to the left give me any information as to their relationships, ie: can I deduce that HO Elizabeth is the mother and O Elizabeth a likely...
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    Can anybody find my family on the 1901 census ????

    This is a strange one. I have a family on the 1911 census and yet I can find nothing of them on the 1901 census. In case I'm doing something really stupid, can somebody else take a look and see if they can make sense of it all ? The 1911 census shows ........ YOUNG, William b1856 Birmingham...
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    Red Warrior Buses

    A few images of Red Warrior buses from I believe 1930s (first two) and maybe post war with the last one. The Red Warriors were owned by my great great uncle Arthur Young who also ran the Red Warrior Sportsmens Club in Earlswood post war and also owned several greyhounds and racehorses. The...
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    Can anybody make sense of all this ?!!!

    I have quite a long story to tell that summarises the log-jam in my family history work. I'm not sure I'll ever prove things 100% but I have quite a few "jigsaw" pieces and would value the opinions of others as to what the likely "picture" looks like. Here goes ........ WILLIAM YOUNG (b1857)...
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    Does anybody have any photos of .......

    Hartopp Road / Raymond Road 1960s or earlier ? I'm so depressed at seeing it today that I need to see it as I recall it in the 60s !
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    Where's this bus ?

    Anybody know where this bus is sitting ? Equally, anybody have any recollections of Red Warrior buses/coaches or further photos ?
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    How do I trace service record ?

    I have an Arthur Young with details 61766 Pte., 2 A.M., RAF on the 1918 Absent Voters list. Firstly, what does the "2 A.M." stand for and, secondly, can I access any data with this information ? Any help appreciated.
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    Help ...... my tree is stuck !!!

    Desperately seeking help with my family tree which is stuck at a critical point in Middlesex. I have a marriage certificate dated 12/05/1884 with the following details ..... Place: St Simons Church (sp?), Parish of St Saviour, Paddington, Middlesex Groom: WILLIAM YOUNG Age 27 Labourer 17...
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    Another "what do I do now" thread !!!

    Sorry if this one is a bit lame but I'm fairly new to all this and need some advice from you "experts" !!! I have traced my family line back with reasonable certainty to a WILLIAM YOUNG (b.1856) but I want to know how to go further. My problem is that this William Young states on his various...
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    A challenge for you !!!

    Really would appreciate some help on this one as it is doing my head in !!! The 1901 Census shows a William and Sarah A Young (see link below) and I need to know (a) what was Sarah's maiden name, (b) when and where they got married and (c) what are the birth details (where, when) of William...
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    Red Warrior Coaches / Red Warrior Club

    Interested in absolutely any info relating to RED WARRIOR COACHES (Kellys 1934 - 1944) of 73/74 Ashted Row and later 65/67 Hurst Street. Also RED WARRIOR CLUB in Earlswood (post WW2 ?). Where was it, what was it, who ran it, photos, info, etc, etc. Any help appreciated.