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    Wintersloe Boys School

    Hi Does anyone have any information on this school in Wake Green Rd Moseley. I am trying to find a picture of the school war memorial. Unable to locate it on any Web site so assume it has gone. Thanks Subotone
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    Bethal United Church War Memorial Small Heath

    Wondering if anyone has a picture showing the war memorial at the Bethel United Church Coventry Rd Small Heath. Sadly the memorial which is in their car park is in a very poor state. The names are missing as is most of the main inscription. It would be great to get it restored and honour the...
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    WW1 Centenary exhibition Olton Library

    Hi For those who are interested there is to be an exhibition at Olton Library Warwick Rd Olton Solihull from Thursday 23rd, to Monday 27th April 2015. The exhibition includes a display of WW1 memorabilia including battlefield relics, posters and information regarding Birmingham during the Great...
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    G.E.C War Memorial

    Hi Does anyone have any information relating to the G.E.C war memorial that was outside the Magnet Center in Erdington. I am trying to find out when it disappeared, was it stolen or moved elsewhere and who was recorded on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Subotone .
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    GKN (King Norton Works) 1914-18 War Memorial

    Hi I have just come across an article from the Birmingham Mail (https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/missing-birmingham-first-world-war-5120230) regarding the GKN War Memorial. It appears that after the factory closed down in the 1980's the plaque disappeared. It turned up at a car...
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    Bham Mint War Memorial

    Hi I was wondering if any members no the whereabouts of the War Memorial that was in the Birmingham Mint before it closed down. Sad to think that it may have gone the way of many others. Also does any Forum member have a picture of the memorial. Thanks Tony
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    Midland Tube & Forging Co Ltd

    Hi I am trying to locate a factory called 'Components Ltd and The Midland Cube & Forging Co Ltd' which I believe was in Birmingham. Any info address etc would be of great help. Tony
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    St Edmunds Church, Tysley War Memorial 1914-1918

    1914-19 War Memorial, St Edmunds Church Tysley
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    Rededication Ceremony South African War Memorial Cannon Hill Park

    Hi Dont know if anyone has posted this information else where. Saturday 8th December 2012 at 11am there will be a re dedication ceremony for the South African Campaign memorial in Cannon Hill Park. The memorial has undergone renovation work. There will be displays and Warwickshire Militia...
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    'Man At Arms'

    Not sure if I have posted this in correct section but here goes. This is a poem I came across many years ago which I have recently found again in the depths of my computer. Hope you like it. Tony Man at Arms What are you guarding Man-at-Arms? Why do you watch and wait? ‘I guard the...
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    Birmingham Head Post Office WW1 War Memorial

    Does anyone know the present location of this memorial Tony
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    St Gregory's Church Small Heath

    For some years now I have been recording Birmingham war memorials. Recently I found a war memorial outside St Gregory's Church Small Heath. The church is now the Bethel United Church. Sadly due to the memorials age and being clad with sandstone the name panels on both sides are completely...
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    Woolley Brothers

    Hi I am trying to find any information on the following brothers from Edgbaston Birmingham. John, Robert, Phillip, Edward, Sidney, Frank & Leonard were the sons of John Francis & Ada Fanny Woolley of 10 Ryland Rd Edgbaston Birmingham. I do know that Frank a private in the Royal Army Service...
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    St Saviour's school/church St saviours Street Hockley

    All Saints school/church All Saints Street Hockley I have recently come across a memorial stone at the above building now owned by Birmingham City Council. The memorial stone is built into the wall of the building & was put up in the 1930s dedicated to those who died in the Great War. As I...
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    Mason Fredrick

    Hi I am trying to find information on Fredrick Mason. All I know so far is that he lived in Gerrard Street Newtown prior to his death on the 1st July 1916 at the battle of the Somme during WW1. Prior to the war he served in the Terratorials 1/8th Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Thanks Tony
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    Geoff Woolley REME

    Hi all, thought you may be interested in a photo of my Dad Geoff Woolley during WW2. Not sure of the date it was taken but he was in the R.E.M.E between 1943-47 & spent a good deal of his service in Malya, Singapore & India. Dad lived in Alum Rock prior to & after the war. Be interested in...