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    Meatyard Sidney Harold 1868 - 1947

    I am researching the Meatyard/Meteyard family. Sidney's second wife was my husband's first cousin twice removed Kate Muriel Mason Eadie. I know that it's a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone on here actually knew him. There isn't much information about him; indeed he may have intentionally...
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    Cateswell Cottage(s) Green Lane & Cateswell Road, Hall Green

    Good Evening All. A friend and I are trying to find out more about Harry Longfield who on his marriage cert to my friend's Great Aunt Mary Kathleen Powell in Aston in 1916 was shown as living at Cateswell Cottage in Green Lane Hall Green. We have no idea if this was a family home or if he was a...
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    Ash Grove, Barwell Road and Handsworth

    Hi. Today hubby Rob and I were in and around Birmingham so we grabbed the A-Z and did some detouring. We found the area he remembers for Ash Grove, Chapel Street, Handsworth where his father was born but it isn't there anymore. Then we cut across to Ash Grove, Barwell Road where I was born...
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    When you can't find a surname

    Hi. I wanted to share something I learned years ago when I went to a talk at the BMI from someone researching the Spode family. He talked about a whole missing branch that had seemingly disappeared off the face of. I can't remember how it happened but he found, or someone found them for him...
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    Walker's Street Guide of Birmingham

    Hope it's okay to post on this set of threads. Not Walkers as I put but Wakelin's. Today I came across a copy of this little book from 1942. It was published by FH Wakelin Ltd. 354 Wheeler Street, Birmingham 19 and cost 3d. It gives the location of the road/street in relation to what road it...
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    Census look up please surname Holley

    Shera kindly checked the 1901 census for me yesterday as I am trying to find information about Caroline Wassall nee Holley. On 1901 she gives her place of birth as Bham. I just don't know if this is right or not. She was born 1867/68. If a kind soul would take a look for me on the 1881 to...
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    Lies and deception?

    I just need to get this out of my system. Forgive me if I've put it in the wrong section. Does anyone else ever wonder if their families lives were built on lies and deception? This almost seems to be habit for my maternal line and I'm fed up of it. No one piece of information can be proven by...
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    Census look up please surname Wassall

    Hi Please could someone look at the 1901 for Joseph Walter Wassall born c1870. I hope that he should be somewhere in Birmingham area with his wife Caroline b c1868. Using FamilySearch.org I have found two possible births for Caroline with father William Holley and both around the right time...
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    1861 look up please

    Hi Would someone please be able to check out an entry for me. I have a lady with variations on her surname. She married into hubby's family as Elizabeth Harping Dec 1/4 1881. She is on the 1881 census in Bham same spelling born Henly Castle, Worc. I have found her in Family Search index as...
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    Census look up please Thomas Wood

    Hi I would like to find in particular the mother of Thomas Wood who married Clara Emma Martha Cottrell in 1906. Via FamilySearch Pilot Thomas was born 1887. His father is shown as Joseph. I am not sure of his place of birth but most likely County of Staffordshire. The family at that time seem...
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    Look up please Henry Chapman

    Hi I am trying to find any information on Henry Chapman b c 1861 who married into my family to Lousia Wassall b c 1861. I have her in the 1891 census under her married name living with her mother, grandmother and other members of her family in Great Barr Street but he is not shown. I am...
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    Palmer/Bowyer- help please

    Hi I have a marriage for Sarah Palmer to William Bowyer in 1866. She was age 43, widow when she married into my family in 1889 so born around 1846 Her father was George Palmer (varnish maker on m/c) I think that she may have been widowed quite soon after her marriage (FreeBMD). I have found...